The mini-set expected by Hearthstone players with tension has now been officially announced with patch 22.4. The mini-set of extension split in the alteractal is called Onyxias Hort! So heroes go into the breeding of the iconic dragon demands, which have already received WOW heroes in more than just a single extension.

The mini-set Onyxias Hort appears on 15 February 2022 . Until then, new cards will be revealed. New cards are shown on the Twitter account of Hearthst1. In addition, of course, the card gallery is updated at at irregular intervals.

Table of Contents

  1. Buy 1onyxias Hort mini set – for gold or real money
  2. 2New heroes for battlefield mode
  3. 3NEUE partner for the battlefield

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Onyxias Hort Buy Mini Set – for gold or real money

The maps of the mini set will be available in card packages from cleavage in the alteractal. The entire mini set with 66 cards is sold for 14.99 EUR or 2,000 gold . The option to pay smaller extensions with the ingame currency was so good that the developers have recorded.

It is new, however, that you also get the possibility to buy the mini-set with golden versions of all 66 cards for 69.99 EUR . Who’s his golden card collection. But golden cards are available as I said with good luck from boosters of alterac enlargement.

New heroes for the battlefield mode

Mini Set ANNOUNCED! Onyxia’s Lair! Full details + HUGE GIVEWAY!

The mini-set Onyxias Hort throws three new heroes on the battlefield. Among them the breeding nut Onyxia is highly personally. In addition, Kael’thas, Silas Dark Moon and Chenvaala are back in the Hero Pool.

Varden twilight handle

  • Heroic ability: twice as nice
    • Passive. After Bobs Gasthaus has been updated, one of his servants is copied and frozen.


  • Heroability: Combat Ruhm
    • Passive. After a friendly servant destroyed an enemy, he receives persistently +1 attack.


  • Hero ability: breed nut
    • Passive. Revenge (4): Gets a welfling (2/1). He attacks immediately.

New partner for the battlefield

Of course, the new heroes also need partner cards.

Twil Handle AquoGrieger (Varden Damper Hands Partner)
Hearthstone: Mini-set + new heroes and partners for the battlefield announced (4) Source: Blizzard

  • [Level 2, Elemental] 3 Attack, 5 Life “Twice so nice” also gives the copy values ​​according to your inn.

Ice Knurrer The Mighty (Rokaras Partner)
Hearthstone: Mini-set + new heroes and partners for the battlefield announced (3) Source: Blizzard

  • [Level 4, Wild Animal] 5 Attack, 2 life receives permanently +1 life after a friendly servant destroyed an enemy.

Many Welplinge (Onyxias Partner)
Hearthstone: Mini-set + new heroes and partners for the battlefield announced (2) Source: Blizzard
[Level 2, Dragon] 4 Attack, 2 life receives permanently + 2 / + 2 every time you call a welfling.

With Patch 22.4 by Hearthstone (Buy Now 0,00 €) Get players as announced in advance Vanndar as a diamond card, new cosmetic items hike in the shop and there are some updates for mercenary mode. A complete list of all changes and bug fixes of the patch find your in the official blog post on .

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