Last update there is February 4, 2020

With the new season of APEX LEGENDS almost on us, the new content continues to come. With the launch today of the new trailer of Gameplay, we finally been able to see closely and personally the things we knew how to come but that we never saw before.

First and foremost: the new map changes and new characters skins.

Change Changes

One of the most expected elements of saison 4: assimilation corresponds to the changes made to the World’s Edge card. With the company in the game Hammond Robotics building their own corporate structures and emptying the outs of all its nature and its life with their Planet Harvester, the devastation follows.

It is clear that World’s Edge is pushed to its limit. Perhaps all this destruction will make the players sympathetic towards the new cold and ruthless legend, returning, whose main objective is to take revenge of hammond robotics for all they made to him and the world.

New skins

With the theme of the new season inspired by the dystopia, robotics and revenge against the destruction of companies, it is not surprising that the theme of the skins this time is CyberPunk. Perfect for science fiction drug addicts, cosmetic lovers or those who have seen their cyberpunk 2077 the pre-order is delayed again and again.

With the new fighting pass, there are already three new skins for which we have names, and two we do not have one.

Perfect soldier (Wraith Legendary)

All MAJOR Changes in New Apex Legends Season 12 Update! (Apex Legends New Update)

CyberPunked (Wattson Legendary)


new caustic skin

new crypto skin

The change of aesthetics every season is very clear, and season 4 does not permanently turn away from its theme. The colors are brighter and more bold than most skins we have seen in recent seasons.

There is no doubt that this season will revive both fire at long-time players and bring new eyes to the game.

Season 4: Assimilation starts on February 4th.