Diepokémon Go Trip: Johto in February 2022 gets on. You can join the event with and without a ticket. We reveal you the distinctions what advantages have the ticket customers and whether the purchase is rewarding.

This is a one-day event for which fitness instructor can purchase a ticket. The ticket is not a compulsion to play.

We reveal you below in the introduction, which content you obtain, if you do not get a ticket. To do this, the comparison to the material that obtain tickets purchasers. You can easily locate out if there is an acquisition for your cases at all rewarding.

Which material brings the Johto tour without ticket?

Just how did you choose the Johto Tour Ticket? Write us below on Meinmommo in the remarks as you have tuned and also why you’ve chosen to do it or why you are still uncertain.

You do without the exclusive occasion specializing study that guarantees you a stunning Garados and the mystical Pokémon Celebi. Just by concluding this unique study is the special masterpiece research. They must deal for a very long time and lastly reward with Pinnacle Crypto Lugia as well as Pinnacle Crypto-Ho Oh.

On the basis of the comparisons to the bonus offers of the event, you can now easily choose whether you desire to play the event with ticket, or whether an acquisition for you is not rewarding.

You can participate in the occasion with and also without a ticket. What does the ticket cost? If you buy a ticket, you have to pay regarding 11.99 EUR. If you are not acquiring a ticket, you can take part in a slendered version of the Johto tour. We go a lot more carefully on the incentives, each gamer receives without a ticket.

What is this for an occasion? The Pokémon Go Tour: Johto
When will it run? On February 26, from 09:00 to 21:00 Neighborhood time
What does the ticket price? If you buy a ticket, you have to pay concerning 11.99 EUR. Each ticket purchaser can make a decision for the silver or golden edition.
Which bonuses are there?
_ MIT Ticket
_ – All Pokémon from the Johto area show up in the wilderness, Raids and as a reward from investigates. They are drawn in by smoke and also slipping out of eggs.
– All Johto-Pokémon likewise appear as Shiny

  • There is an unique study with Celebi as well as after that a work of art research study.
  • Icognito in the letter G, O, T, U, R and J are available – also as a glossy
  • Unique enthusiast medals
  • Free bundle in the store
  • Eggs hatch four times so quick
  • Dual sugary foods with the hatching of eggs
  • Extra sugary foods if your Johto-Pokémon is beginning
  • Up to nine free RAID passes by transforming image windows in arenas
  • Exclusive Ingame Medal
  • Shock in pictures
  • Unique stickers
    _ OHNE TICKET _.
  • Some Pokémon from the Johto region show up in the wild, in Raids as well as hatching out from 7 km eggs – additionally as Shiny.
  • Pokémon like Pichu, PII, Flufelfuff and also Togepi hatch from 2 kilometres eggs.
  • a short-lived research study on train combating.

The incentives without ticket carefully: .

You can take part in a slendered variation of the Johto tour if you are not buying a ticket. Some bonus offers just partially get them, others whatsoever. We go extra closely on the benefits, each gamer obtains without a ticket.

Furthermore, perks on the egg slide speed, more sugary foods from hatching out and also catching Johto-Pokémon, Stops of Stops, an Ingame Medal, the Free Package with 3 Fern-Raid Passes and the 9 additional totally free Raid passes.

  • Pokémon from the Johto area appear in the wild, in Raids and hatch 7-km eggs. In Raids are likewise dei, Suicune, Raikou, Lugia as well as Ho-Oh. Lugia, who fangs her during the event, master the special strike of air. Ho-Oh, who is capturing her during the event, master the special strike ruinous fire.
  • The local Pokémon Skaraborn and also Corasonn appear worldwide in RAID battles.
  • Hatch from the 2 km eggs Pichu, PII, Flufelfeluff, Togepi, Rabauz, Kissilla, Elekid as well as Magby.
  • You can do 6 special options throughout the event.
  • Change 5 habitats during occasions – they all use distinct Pokémon.

FULL EVENT DETAILS! Free VS. Paid Ticket for Johto Tour PLUS Tips & Tricks!
* Musically underlaid the occasion with songs from the Pokémon author Junichi Masuda.
* You can fix a temporary research that revolves around train vapors.
* The strong Evoli benefit is readily available to you till 23:00 neighborhood time – the bonus offer guarantees that the advancements of Psiana as well as Nachtara have no kilometer demand.