Last update there is October 5, 2020

Star Wars: Squadrons took flight and fans are busy diving into EA motivated space combat FPS since its release on October 2nd. At present, any enthusiastic fan should have completed its solo campaign and enjoy frenetic game modes that the multiplayer component of squadrons has to offer.

However, you may be wondering if future extensions – Solo or multiplayer – will arrive in Star Wars: Squadrons. This could take the form of downloadable content of history, additional cards, new types of multiplayer games or other content. So, will there be DLCs for squadrons at some point?

At present, it is expected that squadrons will receive any form of DLC. The game will receive regular fixes that stabilize the game, correct bugs and other updates, but there are no concrete details on the actual extensions.

Star Wars Squadrons gets it's FINAL update
In an interview with polygon in June, the creative director of EA motivated, Ian Frazier, revealed that the production of DLC for Squadrons would not be “impossible”, but confirmed that there was no plan in place for Ask players to earn more money than the game price of the game.

“What we are trying to do is try to create a game that is a little old school and is a mentality,” Frazier said. “You give us your $ 40, we give you the game. It’s a totally autonomous experience. It’s not: “Well, okay, here is some of the game and the rest will come out next week.” No, it’s all the game. So, at this point, we are not talking about live service, DLC or anything else. “

It will be disappointing for some fans to hear but, as Frazier says, never say never. For now, all the contents of the squadrons are what you will get.