The Munich Derby during the week against 1860 had been worried for a good mood at TurkGücü – Dream Tor Includes at 2: 1. On Friday, the DFB then announced the expected incision. The third division will be withdrawn with immediate effect whole eleven counters. In addition to the nine-point deduction due to the insolvency request made at the end of January, two more due to a circulation violation are added: The Munich was able to close a fixed liquidity gap only less than 50 percent.

The decision on the insolvency application was made on the basis of paragraph 6 No. 6. the DFB play order. There is the following: If a club of the 3rd league applies for the opening of insolvency proceedings against itself, the first team will be deducted nine points.

The individual chapter 11 bankruptcy

Turkish cu is “surprised”

Despite the violations, the club shows “surprised”: In a message on your homepage, TurkGücü informs that a punishment would have been quite comprehensible. They justify their statement with the continued continued Corona situation.

Hope they draw on similar cases in recent years. The KFC Uerdingen had received a temporary derogation due to the Corona crisis in the playing time 2020/21, which has been deducted only three points. The insolvency application of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern at the beginning of the pandemic was even athletic completely comfortable.

In detail, the Munich writing: “The clubs of the 3rd league are still struggling with the effects of the current pandemic by a variety of restrictions. The consideration of a punishment would have been quite comprehensible.”

Due to the point deduction, TurkGücü now stands with only 15 points at the end of the table, the residue on the saving rank 16 is that withdrawn eleven counters. The club can now oppose the DFB sanctions within a week.