Error festival instead of spectacles: The Slam Dunk Contest 2022 disappointed on a whole line and could not fulfill the high expectations. The four Dunkers had enormous problems to perform their planned slams. In the end, Obi Toppin got the trophy.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2022

  • Participant OBI Toppin (Knicks), Jalen Green (Rockets), Cole Anthony (Magic), Juan Toscano-Anderson (Warriors)

  • Mode: After two dunks in the first round of each participant, which were evaluated by a jury, the two spot darks received their final sticket. Then they made the winner with two more dunks each.

The victory by Halfcourt-shot by Team Cavs in the Skills Challenge and the three-firework of Karl-Anthony Towns in the Three Point Contest was actually intended as a warm-up program for the Kronjuwel of the evening at All-Star Saturday, the Slam Dunk Contest. In the end they put him in the shadow.

In front of the eyes of the five-member jury for Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler, David Robinson and Julius “Dr. J” Erving was allowed to make Cole Anthony started. His first dunk was delayed something, because he had to put on suitable footwear first – Timberland boots!

Cole Anthony First Dunk - Round 1 - 2022 NBA Dunk Contest

In the Knicks Jersey of his father Greg Anthony he tried in the boots a Windmill Dunk, in which he grabbed the ball from his father’s hands. However, two failure attempts took some energy from the hall, only in the third course, the Magic Guard pounded the Windmill through the Reuse. For the Boot Dunk there was 40 points from the jury.

Juan Toscano-Anderson first got an autograph of Dr. J On his red-white blue ABA ball and then brought Warriors teammate Andrew Wiggins from the audience he placed under the basket. JTA grabbed the Windmill over Wiggins, even if he supported himself something on his shoulder. Nevertheless, strong 44 points.

Next, OBI Toppin was allowed to ran, which was already at the start last year in the Dunk Contest. The Knicks-Big tried a Behind-The-Back over a buddy, but also needed three attempts. The degree of difficulty was significantly higher than with the colleagues, he received 44 points.

Rockets HighFlyer Jalen Green got the Wilson served over the side of the backboards, after two failed attempts, but he first had to get the audience again with. His attempt to pop a Between the-legs through the basket, but failed a few more times, even because the display did not always come perfectly. A regular praise plus Alley-Oop-Windmill then brought Green at least 38 points from the maddle jury.

NBA: Obi Toppin wins disappointing Dunk Contest

In the second round Green now had to set a real highlight, but again he needed several attempts. But as his impressive 360 ​​was sitting by the legs, there was strong 45 points. Nevertheless, Green himself was disappointed with his appearance.

Next, Anthony fought for his final ticket. Three times failed his attempt to play a bounce pass to himself and then present a crashing, hands-free 360. At the first start, he seemed to have injured something at the right thumb. Since he did not succeed successfully, there was the lowest score (30) for him and he was out.

The first final ticket secured after Toscano-Anderson with a 360-Windmill, which was based on Vince Carter 2000. That was the jury worth 43 points worth. Toppin made a strong reverse dunk through their own legs following a pass to themselves over the board – and even in the first attempt! He conceded a 10 and a total of 46 points.

To the kick-off of the final, JTA had planned a further tribute to Carter and wanted to hang his arm in the ring. However, he did not jump high enough, his Windmill just got a 39th Toppin’s idea – apparently he wanted to sink a dunk over the backboard – failed, for two failures to get a Between The-Legs-Windmill over the board for 45 points out.

Toscano-Anderson was now under pressure, now he grazed a Jason Richardson jersey. But here, too, several failures robbed the complete energy from the Dunk Contest and ultimately JTA did not bring a successful slam over the stage. One of the most disappointing Dunk Contest’s younger past was decided.

Toppin was still allowed to ran one last time and he gave his banking-Dunk another chance. This time it succeeded directly in the first start, the 23-year-old took the Wilson through his own legs and jumped high enough to push the ball on the backboard and then. For creativity and execution, the jury brought out a 47 to conclusion.

But no one could look forward to this Dunk contest, which will probably be remembered for no positive highlight. Quite similarly, the reaction in the network also fell off, some referred the Dunk contest even as the “worst of all time”. Anthony joked on Twitter that he will never dunk more in the future: “Sorry people, now only layups.” Articles and videos about the topic * Big Man makes specialists cold! Record Towns grabs the triple crown * Experience the NBA live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. ### NBA: The results of the Slam Dunk Contest 2022 Player | 1. Round | 2. Round | Final 1 | Final 2 – OBI Toppin | 44 | 46 | 45 | 47 Juan Toscano-Anderson | 44 | 43 | 39 | 30 Jalen Green | 38 | 45 | – | Cole Anthony | 40 | 30 | – |