Who is Yae Miko? Yae Miko is a 5-star personality of the Attribute Elektro as well as from 16 February to 8 March in the Subtitle Petition. It leads a stimulant as a weapon with it.

The carpenter is constantly pleasant to all and constantly wears a smile on the lips, yet she has a mystical mood. Yae is additionally a long-standing girlfriend of Raiden Shogun and also Zhongli and likes to make their ironical side in advance.

Yae Miko belongs to the Great Narukami Shrine and has its own “Light Novel” publisher, which operates with a heart-blood.

On 16 February it is time: Yae Miko enters the Stage Vongenshin Impact.

Just in time for the release of Yae Miko, Hoyoverse has launched a trailer to her, which you can see here:

Yae Mikos impressive skills at a glimpse

Important capacity:

  • Yae actions sweat away and leaves a “sesshou-sakura”.
  • Up to 3x you can make use of the capability and also therefore position a sesshou-sakura.
  • Sesshou-Sakura prepare routine electrical damage to opponents.
  • Electro damages rises depending upon just how lots of sesshou sakura put on the field.
  • Coated: 4 secs
  • Life time of a Sesshou-Sakura: 14 secs

  • When causing, Yae divided electro surface area damage to challengers.

  • Are sesshou-sakura on the area when the special ability is utilized, these are destroyed as well as also create electric surface area damage.
  • The damage triggered by the destruction of sesshou-sakura is a great deal greater than normal ability damages. Talent Level 6 is the capability damages 364%, while the sesshou Sakura damages is 467.34%. It is beneficial to position 3 sesshou-sakura before creating the maximum damages.
  • Covered: 22 secs
  • Important energy prices: 90

Unique capacity:

What can Yae Miko? With their common assaults, it leads you to simple electrical assaults while it is even electro-surface damage to opponents with your intense impacts.

Required materials for Yae Miko’s degree and also their locations

Which products do you require for Yae Miko? Yae Miko needs 421 Purple EP books as well as 2,092,530 Mora to be given personality level 90 – so the optimum level. Additionally, you need to farm these products:

Where can you discover marine paints? Marine paint porters can be located scattered in Inazuma, it is the neighborhood peculiarity of the region.

Where do you discover “incorrect fins of dragon catching”? The wrong fins of the dragon capturing going down the deep-sea dragon odds, which as managers in the field Enkanomiya its seat.

Where can you discover the Vjrada amethysts? The Vjrada purple variations can be reliably preserved by the electro-hypostase in Moonstadt as well as from the personification of rumbling in Inazuma. From particular actions of the managers you obtain the purples:

Think about that you can convert the variants to the alchemy table or craft. 3 Vajrada amethyst splinters can be refined in 1 vajrada amethyst fragment. This guideline additionally puts on the following bigger purple items.

  • Vajrada amethyst splitter obtains you on every employer level.
  • Vajrada purple fragment will receive from Manager Level 40.
  • Vajrada amethyst pieces will get her from Employer level 60.
  • Vajrada Amethyst obtains you from Boss level 75.

YAE MIKO IS CRAZY! C0 Yae Miko Showcase - Best Build, Teams & Review | Genshin Impact
Where can you discover the sorts of hand security? The monsters “Nobushi” and “Kairagi” go down the items. You will locate both beast varieties on all the islands of Inazuma, besides Tsurumi. They do not hide and also you ought to meet them at mostly all corners.

Required products for Yae Miko’s skill stage and their areas

Which products do you need for Yae Miko? To bring all Ability degrees from Yae Miko to the maximum level 10, you need:

Where can you discover the scrolls of the “light”? You can farm them in the sphere of the wimp court in the south of Narukami. They show up on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in this ball.

Are you looking onward to yae miko as well as prepare them accordingly? Or, currently conserves you to various other personalities that you expected in the future. Possibly it’s also the new Hydro-Hero Ayato?

  • 9x mentors of the “light”.
  • 63x instructions for “light”.
  • 114x approach of “light”.
  • 18x old-timer protection.
  • 66x Kaguchi hand protection.
  • 93x famous hand security.
  • 18x Feeling of the Easen (through Honey Impact).
  • 3x crown of wisdom.
  • 4.957,500 MORA.

  • Degree 2:.

  • 3x mentors of the “light”.
  • 6x old hand security.
  • 12,500 MORA.
  • Degree 3:.
  • 2x instructions for “light”.
  • 3x Kaguchi hand protection.
  • 17,500 MORA.
  • Level 4:.
  • 4x guidelines for “light”.
  • 4x Kaguchi hand protection.
  • 25,000 MORA.
  • Degree 5:.
  • 6x directions for “light”.
  • 6x Kaguchi hand protection.
  • 30,000 MORA.
  • Level 6:.
  • 9x directions for “light”.
  • 9x Kaguchi hand protection.
  • 37,500 MORA.
  • Level 7:.
  • 4x philosophy of “light”.
  • 4x well-known hand security.
  • 1x Sense of the Easen.
  • 120,000 MORA.
  • Degree 8:.
  • 6x ideology of “light”.
  • 6x popular hand security.
  • 1x Feeling of the Easen.
  • 260,000 MORA.
  • Level 9:.
  • 12x ideology of “light”.
  • 9x well-known hand defense.
  • 2x Feeling of the Easen.
  • 450,000 MORA.
  • Level 10:.
  • 16x philosophy of “light”.
  • 12x famous hand security.
  • 2x Sense of the Easen.
  • 1x crown of knowledge.
  • 700,000 MORA.

After months, Genhin Impact ultimately reveals the face of Ayato Kamisato, fans are in love.

On 16 February it is time: Yae Miko enters the Phase Vongenshin Effect. Yae Miko is a 5-star personality of the Feature Elektro as well as from 16 February to 8 March in the Subtitle Petition. * The damages caused by the destruction of sesshou-sakura is a lot greater than normal skill damage. Which materials do you require for Yae Miko? Yae Miko requires 421 Purple EP publications and 2,092,530 Mora to be brought to personality level 90 – so the maximum degree.

Where can you find the meaning of the Easen? The significance of the Easen is a brand-new boss-drop that you obtain as soon as you beat the weekly boss “Raiden Shogun”, which will certainly be discovered on Spot 2.5 in Genshin Influence.

Where do you discover the crown of wisdom? The crown of wisdom is just one of the rarest products in Genshin Effect and you generally get them by occasions, the moistening Level 11 of the Permafrost tree in the Dragon’s ridge or by the uplich of Saint Sakura in Inazuma.

All talent degrees and also the called for product for each 1 skill in the review.