Valve celebrates the first edition of Steam Next Fest during this 2022. The company tries to bring the community closer some of the most popular titles of the coming months, especially from the independent scene. We tell you the most outstanding demos and during what dates they will be available.

When is Steam Next Female February 2022 celebrated?

The first Steam Next Fest of the year is celebrated between 21st and 28 February at 7:00 p.m. (CET) . Seven days where you can try anticipated content of some games and chat with your developers.

Steam Next Fest February 2022: the most outstanding demos

  • The Wandering Village
  • Builders of Egypt
  • Ixion.
  • Boundary.
  • FAR: Changing Tides

Steam Next Fest February 21-28, 2022

How does Steam Next Fest work?

Steam Next Fest is the opportunity offered to unite the community and developers in one place. During the days when it is celebrated you can install exclusive demos of some of the titles that are expected to arrive at some point in 2022.

On the main page of the event you will find the retransmissions calendar. In them you can see developers play their games and share first-hand impressions. We underline The exclusivity of the demonstrations : Many of them will disappear when the event is finished, so you have in your hand to fill out your calendar in the coming months.

Enter Steam and click on the new special header for the occFestion. Inside you will see three panels: Genres, retransmissions and categories. You want to look for action, strategy or role titles, among others, you can filter exactly in the field you are looking for.

The event will coincide with the launch of Steam Deck, the Portable of Valve . Fest of February 25, the emails will be sent to complete the purchFeste by order of tail. It will not be until the 28th when the first units are sent.