One-shot expert and bug-hanger Rextroy still finds fun, Horde players in Durotar from nothing to Oneshotten and has unpacked the magician to his witch champion oneshot video **. In his latest video, he shows how her as an Arcane magician with a beat 300,000 damage points.

To do so much damage, but as always some tricks are needed. At the 300K-AoE combo, the attack is in the foreground touch of the Magi, which by the Level scaling also level-60 players with a blow out of the sloping skin.

How works the 300K AOE-onShot combo

300k AOE One Shot Combo [Broken Mage Ability]
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The Arcane Spell Touching the Magi stores the accumulated damage of the target and triggers an explosion after eight seconds, which is 25 percent of the stored damage at all opponents. As so often, Rextroy uses the broken PVP scaling from WOW (Buy Now). Simply seeking a low level Horde accomplicine or simply use the famous-notorious toads from his other one-shot videos, does not work without the help of another accomplice.

An alliance priest uses thought control to a low-level character, which is then proven with hope jet. This spell delays the resulting damage of the target for six seconds and only triggers the damage after the buff has expired. This gives enough time to pump the Arcane magician as much harm as possible in the goal of pumping and running with the NPC into the Hord Measures, the short time later eating the entire collected damage.

Since one influences low-level goals significantly more damage, the AOE Damage at the end is extremely high and oneshotes the Horde players. The combo must be pulled through quickly. In the video, Rextroy and its accomplices later use a level-1-horde player, which squirts quasi as a ticking time bomb in the Horde groups in front of Orgrimmar. By the way, the trick is also possible with that of a toad or a training dummy, but these goals are not so coordinated in the Horde players.

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