One question is how to get the necessary materials to strengthen Yae Miko Genshint Impact Players could ask about the publication of patch 2.5 and the arrival of the above-mentioned Electro Catalyst user whose fame appear to their playable preceded. Although Patch 2.5 for Genshin IMPACT is to contain several characters during its entire duration, the central focus in the first half is fixed on the new character of Yae Miko, which has long been expecting a considerable part of the player base since its heroic buttages the Inazuma Action Body. This guide is intended to play players who have targeted Yae Miko, the place and ways to see how they can get their respective talents and ascension materials.

Where to get the rising materials for Yae Miko

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As expected for a character originating from Inazuma, Yae Miko’s promotion materials can also be found in each region Genshint Impact . In particular, Yae requires the electro series of character-level-up materials, Sea Ganoderma of local specialty, handguards as drops of enemy Nobushis and Dragonheir’s False Fin, which can be obtained from a world boss in the rich of Enkanomiya. In view of the drop of materials of the subject concerned, it is generally quite feasible to obtain fins next to the electric fragments or bolts needed for the ascent.

Sea Ganodermas and Handguards, on the other hand, need to be harvested somewhere else. The general tip that applies to the search for Sea Ganoderma is to investigate the coast or the beaches of the different islands that include inazuma. Should the player have access to Gorou, this should prove to be easier due to one of his character passives in tow, which marks the specialty of Inazuma on the mini card when they are near a player.

Handguards, on the other hand, require that players defeat Nobushis, Wandering Samurai or Ronins that roam the ground of the Inazuman Territory. They are more than abundant and can be found in large quantities of places like Higi Village and Jinren Island. This amount of numbers have the disadvantage that they do not necessarily drop their respective materials if they are defeated, which means that players could find them themselves hunting Nobushis on the whole card in larger quantities than they originally intended.

Yae Miko Talent Material Locations

Talent materials can also be found in the rich of Inazuma. With Yae requiring the Light series of Inazuma Talent books (teachings, guidelines and philosophies) accompanied by the previously mentioned materials dropped by Nobushis, Handguards. If Yae Miko reaches higher talent levels, it also requires boss materials from the latest weekly boss fight introduced into patch 2.5, the Raid Shogun.

Both the Raid Shogun Materials and Inazuma Talent Books have their respective domains that can be challenged to obtain the materials that are required for Yae Miko’s talent. However, unlocking the boss fight for Raiden Shogun could previously require some efforts as the player in relation to the main history and Raiden character quests has to progress far enough to access to the boss struggle domain.

This again leaves the player’s need to cover the enormous capacity for handguards, which are required for both Yaes ascent and for its talents. It may be in the best interest of the player to use the official interactive map provided by Mohoyo itself, which gives the players the opportunity to mark the enemies or materials that they want to farm, which also contain screenshots in the game when the player It is not sure where things are exactly that he tries to find.

This should cover about all materials that are required for Yae Miko in Genshin Impact, and where to find them. Although there are difficulties to get access to Encanomiya and the latest boss fight, Raiden Shogun, they are obstacles that need to be overcome when the player intends to strengthen the strength of the great narukami shrine in their possession.

Genshint Impact is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android and iOS.

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