MMORPG is hunting with other players living with the same world, enjoying a trip, sometimes making a story that makes me talking about each other. Especially, it is a charming factor in MMORPG that attracts a lot of gamers that are free to play with free play, having a lot of people who are not entangled in scenarios, and many people in the world.

Muorijin 3, which was ahead of launched on the 23rd, focused on the nature of these MMORPG. It refers to the aspiration that I will be born with ‘Mu’ who can enjoy any1. Muorijin 3 was working on cooperative and cooperative content that users can enjoy together on the motto of the motto of the Moto called ‘Content Da’. So what elsewths melted in the game? Games Mecca met the website of the Webzen Games Business Headquarters Blue Business Team Meeting the team leader and Yoon Hye-won’s partners and listened to a detailed story.

It is ahead of formal launch. I want to listen to a good time

Yoon Hye-won (hereinafter): Mu Origin series was burdensome because of a steady interest and love. However, through the tested test, many users were able to get positive opinions. I expect a lot of expectations.

Binary Team Leader (hereinafter referred to as:): It is the end of the time for the release, and it seems that the preparation period is longer than the previous previous work. I have a lot of balls in the inside, and there is a mind that I want to show more quickly to users.

Did Muorini 3 discriminated against the previous things in what point?

Yun: If you have participated in the test, you’ll know well, but the most prominent change is of course graphic. Developed with Unreal Engine 4 and graphical quality was quite up and allowed to enjoy this appearance at a free point of view. It is possible to efficiently view various backgrounds while flying and swimming. Of course, it does not change the appearance. Guild content, Abyss, and a solid story, I have a little greed to get everything.

This: Unlike the previous work, the growth of the guild became important as the growth of the individual. For example, there is a rare compensation that can only be obtained in this content, such as a boss ride and a group through Abyss. And when we party like guild members, it is characterized by a lot of contents that enjoy the guild members, such as the benefits of growing more growth.

This work is unusually uniquely a 3D-based free time, not a quaternary. Do you have a chance to change the point in this work?

: The quarton viewpoint is that there is an advantage that there is an advantage that the operation is excellent and intuitive, but the limit is clear in expressing a polygonal directing. Muorijin 3 was the idea of ​​”It is necessary to carry out the elements that was difficult to express,” because the graphical quality is improved as much as the unreal engine. I was naturally introducing a preview point naturally. Of course, it also provides a game in the game for the original fan familiar with the existing time.

I thought I could fly through the wings. What is this idea?

This: Actually, it is not easy to discriminately to differentiate or get competitiveness by improving graphic. So I was worried about the fact that I could fill these two parts. While we were worried about what we can show, ‘How about flying by using the wings of mu’s symbolic factor?’ It seems that these troubles would be naturally melted from the beginning of planning.

Whatever the content you can enjoy using the wings?

Yun: Currently, we are using the solid system that fled to the map and the content that finds hidden quests hidden throughout the world. There is also additional content, such as flying combat through future updates here.

Is there anything you can travel through the wings?

Yun: There is a hidden quest that can be found to utilize wings. But even if it is not a flight, I put a lot of hidden quests all over the map. You will be able to find a natural while around the map.

: It is good to have a meeting with the battle or guild of monsters, but the wings will have fun to explore the background or natural scenery that could not be trapped in the quaternaries in the meantime. In addition to this fun element, I have pursued the fun to explore and discover the Hidden Quest.

I want to listen more about Abyss battlefield

Yun: It seems that the existing Muorin series has advanced one step further on the system provided. The four servers are bound to a group, and they are in the season that will return them like a single server. The four servers are one of the legal and have their own duties, grabbing the bosses in each other’s own orders, and exploring the information, and carrying various content.

: The part that can compete for other server users has evolved. The integrated purchase of each server is given, and it is given an additional dispute area where all server users can gather separately from the GPA. It is also possible that there is content that can only be enjoyed here and infiltrating it on other servers to take the contents. It is intended to strengthen interaction between users.

Describe guild content

This: I told that the guild’s mutual growth is important rather than the growth of the character of the character. Through guild bosses and army exhibitions, Abys, it is the ideal thing to be naturally with guild members. I hope to make games with people, not RPG alone, to make a game with people, but I want you to enjoy this part.

For a little more about the content, there is a ‘guild ball’ content that guild members can be gathered at a midst of 7:30 every evening. It is also possible to transfer experienced experience between guild members. And the guild quiz content that was popular in testing is also available. There are also questions about the game, but the emergence of the emergency and historical issues. The quiz will be diverse and fun, with our company 20, 30, and 40s, gathered to prepare a lot of more than the generation. I wish I enjoyed it.

Guild content is particularly interesting. One more talk about one more

This: The reward that can be obtained through the guild content can not be open. It is necessary to solve the password, basically, it is only given to the guild members, and it is possible to combine it. It is a minor part, but it made it possible to make the users naturally.

The player is consistent with the “root three collar”. Do you have any additional plans?

This: I think that I think that it is not the idea of ​​Mu’s fundamentals, a black magazine, and the fairy are not the identity of Mu. I think there are a lot of expecting a character character than I thought here, so I think it will be able to show it through a quick seal after a full release. Substitution will be updated after subsystem. In the previous work, the new class update period was long, and this time, we will secure the update volume in advance and make it more quickly.

There is a fun episode in relation to the character?

: There was no fairy female character, and there was an imbalance for men and women, and this time, I added a female character, Especially, the original fans seemed to have been a new feeling. In the last private test, the prevalence of the Women’s Warlock was about 50%. I personally want to have a more than a fairy than a fairy.


There is a memory sculpting community that shares memories for Mu, how do you use the memories of gamers shared here?

Yun: Memory sculpture The community event itself is planned to put the stories of users who love mu in the game. More users have been involved in participating in more users to participate, and to select winners and stories and put a lot of troubles in the game. When we are a formal service, we will go into the contents of us, and opened, and open the sparkling, and look at the story of the users.

I am curious because I am memorable, but have you been a memorable memory related to Mu?

This: During the post on the bulletin board, there was a couple of couples who have met through the game in the previous (Muorin 2). I do not know what the same user is like, but I have a user who has heard of the news that we are actually a full-time service, and we have a user who has sent a wreath. I wonder if it is the same. If you have seen this article, please contact us.

I want to ask about the BM direction of Muorini 3

Yun: 1 Originally, the VIP system that the existing origin series has been boldly. I remember that many people were surprised, and I heard a lot of positive evaluation. Overall, it was designed in a direction that provides a lot of adequacy that can be enjoyed enough without charging elements. In addition, contents such as the drawing system have been efforts to minimize.

This: I worried about the part that could continue the service in the long run rather than securing short-term sales. If you enjoy your own games, you will be able to sympathize with this story.

If so, the main content can not be able to participate through efforts,

: Yes. The biggest change is the change in the paid goods system. Muorijin 3 has two species of free goods ‘Gold Diamonds’ and Paid Goods ‘Gold Diamond’. In the previous work, if there were a number of separate items that can only be purchased in the previous work, it minimized that part. Although some items are still only available as gold diamonds, the main growth materials in the game are all structured structures that are not through payment.

I am patient to be curious personally. Is there a plan to introduce an NFT?

: This question is to say that it is a personal person (laughs). I think it is a big risk that you are just going to go to trend once without preparing. As the market situation, we may be preparing for future related services in accordance with the market situation. However, basically, Muorini 3 is not introduced. If you want only short-term sales, you may be able to review the NFT introduction, but it is thinking that you are a deceiving act.

Do you have anything you want to ask for users?

Yun: In fact, we had a lot of balls in the story in developing this work. However, at the time of testing, there are a lot of people in skipping. There are so many interesting contents, and I made a voice of the voice of the NPC metabolism and made it immersed in the voice of the voice. I want to enjoy the story so that I enjoyed the story. In particular, in the conversation with NPC, we have a lot of contents, so we have fun to find this part.

Finally, I would like to ask users to enjoy the game

This: I had a lot of balls for the new users who have loved the Mu Origin series, I hope you want to enjoy a lot of fun, and I would like to cheer much.

Yun: It still shows a lot of attention. I will try to do our best to provide better service based on the comments you send.