The Daybreak update has been published for Pokemon Legends: Arceus and adds a handful of new missions and inquiries that are available after completing the main history of the game. Version 1.1.0 by Pokemon Legends: Arceus added new massive outbreaks with Pokemon, which usually do not appear in certain areas, the Eternal Battle Reverie, which offers a spitting ride of challenging struggles, and much more, so there is a lot, what to look forward to Can Daybreak Update. However, with the PostGame requests, the first step is to unlock all new content, but that’s not exactly clear how that works. Learn how to start with Daybreak in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

How to start Daybreak in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Before you can start the new Daybreak content, you have to have them first Castle the main story from Pokemon: Legends Arceus and viewed the credits. After completing the game, you can find May and your Munchlax in Heights Camp in Obsidian Fieldlands a new quest called “ a new anomaly. **” This is the first daybreak Quest and brings you on the way to unlock the rest of the new content that has been added in this update.

Pokémon Legends Arceus Free Daybreak Update

This quest sends you to Ramanas Island in the southwest where you find a Mass outbreak of Hisuian Zorua . This is strange, as Zorua is usually not found in Obsidian Fieldlands, so the Galaxy Expedition Team decides to investigate research. Once you have found the Hisuian Zorua outbreak, you can continue with the remaining Daybreak quests. Most of them involve the investigation of strange new massive mass outbreaks in various areas of the Hisui region, but as soon as they have completed the outbreak quest in each area, they can transition to the fighting challenges and other contents added in Daybreak update.

Pokémon legends: Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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