Ne Sea Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Sawawa (Kim Technophone)) is a super beautiful authentic 3D mahjong app “Mahon Meon M” for smartphone, and Today March 2 (Wed) More, we informed the holding of the “Chara Pickup Event”.

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Ne Sea Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Sawawa (Kim Technophone)) is a super beautiful authentic 3D mahjong app “Mahon Meon M” for smartphone, and Today March 2 (Wed) We will inform you of the holding of the “Chara Pickup Event” for a limited time.

# “Chara Pickup Event” will be held!

# # Holding period

First installment: Spring-style Wakana Hen
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 (Wednesday) -20152, 2022 (Wed) to 4:59 am (Wed) * 2 weeks held

Second edition: Thai Kurokawa Hen
March 16, 2012 (Wednesday) After completion of maintenance-March 30, 2022 (Wed) 4:59 AM * 2 weeks held

Event Details


We will hold an event that picked up “Spring Blow Wakasa (CV: Honeto)” and “Kurogawa Taiya (CV: Fukuhara Kensei)”!

In this event, you can earn a voice or series coin of the picked up character, and the fragments of high-grade ring replacement tickets.

In addition, the events of “Spring-style Wakasa” and “Kurokawa Taiya” will also be held in the future, so let’s collect series items on this occasion!

▼ How to play events

Clearing the event-only mission can be obtained by various rewards.

If you clear the high degree of missions, you can earn a “Chara PU exchange ticket”, and you can earn one by one by the first and second.

If you collect two “Chara PU exchange vouchers”, you can exchange “Spring Blow Wakasa” or “Kurokawa Taiya” or one of the characters in the shop.

▼ Featured Reward

“Luxury Ring Exchange Ticket Fragments” can be acquired as clear reward for event mission!

In addition, if you collect a lot of tickets, you can exchange it with “Luxury Ring Exchange Tickets” at the exchange.

※ The fragments of the ticket can be acquired by events and weekend rankings.

“Chara PU exchange ticket” is a replacement ticket that can be obtained by completing one of the characters of “Spring Blow Wakasa” and “Kurokawa Taiya” by collecting two sheets.

Exchange can be done at the shop, so don’t miss this chance!

※ If you have already possessed “Spring-style Wakasa” and “Kurogawa Sena”, you will earn duplicate characters when using “Chara PU exchange ticket”.

▼ Event Limited Items

In the “Chara Pickup Grand Class”, which is an event limited product, the Earning Rate of the “Spring Blow Wakasa” and “Kurokawa Taiya” to pick up will be UP!

During the event period, it is a bargaining price.

Since this advantageous ticket pack also appears, please check the event shop screen in the game.

※ These images are under development.

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# What is a sparrow Ryumon M

Real Mahjong’s Highest Peak.

Series Cumulative A total of 2 million people played full-scale online Mahjong game The latest work of the “Song Ryumon” series appeared on your smartphone!

“Sparrow Ryumon M”, who can experience realistic reproduced mahjong, with a smartphone, with the players across the country, anytime, anywhere, and anyone enjoy a briefly incanded opponent.

In addition, the avatar voice used in the game is a luxurious voice actor, including Kimozo-no-Kimi, Hitomi Kai, Kai Kai.

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# Title information

Title name: Sekiro Ryomon M genre: Super beautiful full-scale 3D Mahjong service start date: August 19th, 2020 Price: Download free item charging OS: IOS 9.3 or later / Android 5.0 and later development: NC JAPAN KK Operating source: NC JAPAN KK Copyright: © NC Japan KK All Rights Reserved. Official site: Official Twitter: Official LINE @: R / TI / P /% 40528YXZAQ Official Facebook: Official YouTube Channel: Official Discord: VSPT17HCQ9? AMP = 1

※ The contents of our press release are as of March 2, 2022. Depending on the circumstances of various circumstances