Jew Bellingham is matured at Borussia Dortmund to a leadership. However, the Youngster is always taking on his behavior and beside the place for a stir. Does Bellingham develop for the BVB for a problem?

With just 18 years, Jew Bellingham has long since become indispensable for Borussia Dortmund.

In the current season, the central midfielmann already completed 34 competitive games. In the extremely inconsistent team of BVB, Bellingham is usually one of the best actors.

Through his Bellinghaming appearance, Bellingham has developed a high standing in Dortmund. In the customs regulation of his (predominantly clear older) teammates, the Vice European Champion of 2021, however, last one over the other way over the target.

Jude Bellingham annoys his BVB colleagues?

As part of the Europe League Return Game at the Rangers in Glasgow (2: 2) Bellingham fell negative. “You can not play damned pass, you’re damned shit! Every damn time!” Bellingham scolded, according to the analysis of lip readers, in the direction of his ten years older Nico Schulz, because he had played a pass to imprecise.

Less days later, the BVB young pound was apparently with Routinier Axel Witsel to each other. According to “Bellingham1”, the 33-year-old wanted to explain the right presing routes against FC Augsburg (1: 1) Bellingham in the half-time break of the Bundesliga game. But he allegedly waved only disrespectfully.

Through his research, Bellingham goes to the one or the other experienced BVB profi “huge on the mind,” said it in the report.

Marco Rose tried to relativize the negative lines around his protégé. “There, where Jew comes from, you may also communicate in English a bit harder. This is part of it. Jew wants to win games, he is angry – and that’s what matters and what we really need more,” said the Dortmund Chef coach.

For the team structure, Bellingham could nevertheless become a problem in parts of flustered behavior. Especially since the 18-year-old in the first round for trouble, when he conducted referee Felix Zwayer after the bankruptcy against FC Bayern (2: 3) indirectly parted parties. A fine of 40,000 euros through the DFB was the result.

Rumors about upheaval at BVB

Many in the team should want more respect and humility from Bellingham. Because unrest is truly enough at BVB these days.

Borussia Dortmund sign Jude Bellingham | #HeyJude
Due to the disappointing Bellinghaming performance in the current season, the signs of a change in the summer densify. Up to eleven players should apply to the BVB as a finishing candidate.

Bellingham himself does not count despite his escapades. Only in 2023 he should have “picture” suggested the next career step. Then the BVB probably wave up to 150 million euros as a transfer fee for the midfield jewel.

The liaison between Bellingham and the BVB is all ahead of a relationship between time. So that it does not begin to crisis in this, Bellingham must sometimes return within the team in the future.

Jannik Kube