Open World Action RPG “ ELEX II Elex 2 ” seems to be a steady selling. THQ NORDIC JAPAN Co., Ltd. has launched the same work on March 1st. The corresponding platform was PLAYSTATION 4 / PlayStation 5 / XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X | S, and a PC (STEAM) version was also released the next day. The price is PS4 / SP5 version 7590 yen, Xbox ONE / Xbox series X | 7600 yen for XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X | PC (STEAM) version is 6550 yen.

“ELEX II ELEX 2” is an open world action RPG that will be a sequel to the “ELEX”, which developer Piranha bytes worked and launched in 2017. Five powers are confronted with mysterious material Elex on the stage where civilization collapsed. The player is a hero jack, which is a hero in the battle of the previous work, and to face the aggressor, we will call each power to unity.

Looking at the number of simultaneous connectivity players in the STEAM version of this work shows that you are keeping a solid digit. 6391 people were recorded as the number of players at the time of peak. In other time zones, 4,000 to 5,000 players are maintained, and it can be seen that you are keeping a certain user base (STEAMDB).

The STEAM store page review has attracted more than 500 evaluations and acquired status with “somewhat good-looking”. It seems that the fun of open world search and conversation with NPC of the content of the content, and the unique unique view of the world. Subquest is also a rich point, and it seems that it is positively received as expanding the search width.

However, some elements are compatible with dissatisfaction. Many points have been pointed out about the behavior of the camera. It seems that there is no point in point that camera tracking during battle is not optimized and is not zoomed in and unlikely, and points that are accelerated unnaturally and the perspective is swinging. In addition, since the camera setting can not be customized in this work, there are many requests to implement the adjustment function of the viewing angle. It has also been pointed out that the game is not optimized, and it seems that the frame rate will fall somewhat. We hope that these points will be addressed in the future.

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“Elex II Elex 2” is on sale for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC (STeam). The price is PS4 / PS5 version 7590 yen, Xbox One / Xbox Series X | 7600 yen, PC (STEAM) edition is 6550 yen.