Often, it seems as existing between the developers and the players of Pokémon Go insurmountable differences. The one expresses their criticism mostly very loud and directly, and often for fear, absolutely not to be heard. And the others bear this noise with stoic peace – some may call it iron ignorance – while they felt their soup so cook as they hold it right.

Yes, between the players and developers at Niantic prevails in the broadest sense, something like a hate love. But if necessary, then you can also get together for the most part. And so Pokémon-Go-, ingress and other players with the developers of the games are pleased that a few hundred thousand US dollars are donated for the good cause.

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Niantic support in Ukraine conflict

Inspired that their own employees have collected more than $ 75,000 of donations in order to support the people and refugees of Ukraine, Niantic’s leaders also give 200,000 US dollars for a good cause, such as the Pokémon- GO and Ingress developers have communicated via Twitter and Blogpost. The money goes to humanitarian organizations, including United Help Ukraine, Razom Inc., Charitable Fund Voices of Children, International Rescue Committee, Norwegian Refugee Council, Sunflower of Peace, International Medical Corps and Unicef. “We hope for a peaceful solution to this pointless war and violence, and our thoughts are at Ukraine and those who are affected by this conflict,” says those responsible.

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In addition, in ingress of the via-lux-beacon, which was already used at commemoration of the ingress player cubilay. fans, which posts under the Twitter post play-relevant problems, are quickly with the players Words “That’s not the right moment” beyond. If it could grow between developers and players – and generally worldwide – but always so peaceful.

If you want to decide to donate aid organizations to support those affected by Ukraine conflict, Then you should consider for the time being, instead of donations, simply because the needs change quickly. The German Central Institute for Social Issues has an info sheet parat, as its reputable aid organizations recognize. Action Germany helps, for example, is an association of 23 German aid organizations, which ensures that your donation arrives where it is needed.

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