“It is very important that it has stayed at a threesome and the performance was rewarded,” Lukas Kwasniok summed up the press conference on the press conference after his SCP at Holstein Kiel \ – and delivered directly the right reasoning for this purpose With: “In the last few weeks it was more often so that only one point has come around.” Listening to happily you drive back to Paderborn, where after some free days “at the beginning of the week continues with the focus on the next game”.

Unnecessary tension in the final minutes

But before that happens, probably still a bit about the duel with the storks will be talked. For example due to the turbulent final phase in which the Paderborner gave a clear 4: 1 guide almost from the hands: “Certainly you can make the clever and better down and maybe make the fifth gate – but we did not do,” saw Kwasniok Improvement potential.

Active and courageous efficiency

The 40-year-old also admitted that the emergence of this leadership was not exclusively the wages of hard work. “Until half-time break it was more happy for us that it was 1: 1.” After halftime, his team had been “much more active and courageous” in defending and fulfilled logically. “Whether that must be 4: 1, however,” the coach relativized, “Be sometimes heard”. But in football is “mostly so that the more efficient team wins”.

Symbolically it would have been easier to change in half-time break.

Lukas Kwasniok

Another reason not to pick up the game immediately, the early replacement Kelvin Oforis represented. The 20-year-old offensive actor had been taken from Kwasniok in the 40th minute from the field. A very conscious decision: “Symbolically it would have been easier to change in half-time break. But I felt that was right and important.” He wants to put a sign with it, after all, this is “in the phase in which we had access problems”, his “task as a trainer”.

No Michel? No problem!

A player who goes on at this moment had lost in winter with Sven Michel to the Bundesliga club Union Berlin. For Kwasniok still a heavy loss. Michel lacks the team “of course as a person”, so the coach, but also recognized that “more and more players can crystallize, which can jump into the breach”. And also athletic one asked for the question, “if we have a problem now a problem”, given a clear answer: “Obviously not.”

One wants to confirm that in Paderborn now in the upcoming tasks: “It is important to continue and continue points.” At best in the next match on Sunday, March 12, against Fortuna Dusseldorf (13.30, live! At SCP). Maybe Ofori is important against his former employer – despite his early alternation. “Kelvin will not go down, but rather stronger,” believes Kwasniok anyway.