Star Wars Eclipse looked relatively cool in the first trailer, but until the game of Quantic Dream appears (Detroit: Become Human), it takes a few more years. This explains at least the well-known insider Tom Henderson. Namely, it reports that the developer studio has problems recruiting new people to develop the Star Wars game. That’s exactly what the meaning and purpose of the first extensive trailer had been, but that did not work as hoped.

Sexism and racism at Quantic Dream: The developer studio is accused of a toxic working atmosphere as well as sexism and racism in the management level. Studiohef David Cage are also assigned quotes that reveal a racist, homofutual and sexist world view. More about sexism and racism at Quantic Dream we treated in a detailed Quantic Dream Special.

Very Bad News for Star Wars Eclipse! It Keeps Getting Worse! (New Star Wars Game by Quantic Dream)

Star Wars Eclipse trailer could probably no new developers attract

Release only 2027 or 2028? The well-known, serious, well-networked and mostly well-informed journalist and insider Tom Henderson writes at Xfire that Quantic Dreams Star Wars Eclipse may appear only 2027 or even later. The development should still be at an early stage and need at least three to four years.

Here you can see the Star Wars Eclipse Trailer :

It should be: The announcement with the first trailer to Star Wars Eclipse is above all so early to help developers at the inside that want to work at the Quantic Dream game. It is a strategy that is increasingly being used in recent years. Only that does not seem to have worked in this case.

The plan is obviously not risen. This not only explain some anonymous sources, which can also be understood on the basis of the job advertisements on the Quantic Dream pages. There are currently listed over 60 open places and some of them should be open for a long time (but were probably newly dated).

What could be the reasons for this? That Quantic Dream has problems to find staff, could hang together with the extremely bad reputation that the developer studio has meanwhile. It owes that, especially Studiohef David Cage, many different sexism and harassment allegations and apparently very toxic corporate culture. You’ll find more about it here:

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“May I lie?”:

Detroit developer studio is embarrassed in absurd process


Star Wars Eclipse was announced as a historic action adenture with a focus on the high republic era. The Last of Us is intended to have served as inspiration and accordingly, it is likely to distinguish itself very much from previous Quantic Dream titles like Detroit: Become Human. There is not an official release date yet.