It is no secret that Kameto , one of the founders of Karmine Corp , is a great fan of manga and anime. The references exploded during their _streaming sessions and we could also see that the artistic direction of Kcorp had fun this year to surrender a small tribute to Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin), especially when the team crossed with Team Vitality in LFL.

Kamel also recently told us that he himself had participated in the dubbing of the French version of the anime. For the time being, we have not yet managed to identify the character in question, so we hope to share with you in the comments the episode and the precise moment for all we can enjoy the maximum of the sequence.

a pleasure for Kamel, not necessarily shared

Throughout the direct one, Kameto shared the anecdote. He until now he had been quite discreet, particularly because he had signed a confidentiality clause (which should not be confused with a “non-confidentiality clause”). However, KC fanatics do not get excited too much. The stremer did not act as a main character as EREN Yeager or Armin Arlert .

He only lent his voice from him to a soldier, presumably anonymous, for two brief phrases. At least we expect from him to be a soldier of the exploration battalion and not one hidden from the special brigade. In any case, Kameto did not do this for money (he did not receive anything or received a very small sum), but for fun and love to gender.

Pleasure, however, was not necessarily shared by the Manga and Anime community. Several members have complained openly, lamenting that production brings back to influential people who basically have nothing to do with work. For our part, we believe that it is a pretty good idea: allows us to highlight this master class of anime and if it can also please the influencers involved without having to affect the actors of dubbing because they are two sentences of an anonymous soldier.

Foto: SNK