How to be Overpowered Early in Elden Ring
In the action role-playing elden ring, there are numerous situations in which the fans want to be able to stop the events at least for a short time \ – before it comes to a fail. This is not possible without the use of a mod – or about? The Youtuber “Iron Pineapple” has recently found out a trick ** to pause the gameplay.

So you think the game happens in Elden Ring

First of all, this trick is not exactly fast from his hand and taking some seconds. So to save you from the deadly beat of a boss opponent or from similarly brenzy situations, the knee serves only conditionally. Nevertheless, he can be helpful in ordering briefly and to cope with a new tactic.

To activate this “pause mode”, you must first call up the menu. There you go to the inventory as soon as possible and opens the auxiliary function. Navigates quickly to the item “Menu Explanations” (“Menu Explanations”) and it pops a window with useful instructions for the inventory menu. As long as this window is open, pauses the game in the background. The Youtuber has released a short video via Twitter, which shows the process in action.

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Pause also on the PS5

By the way, this trick works even during boss struggles and can give you a little time for a concentration break. In the PS5 version by Elden Ring (Buy Now), this procedure also works, it is therefore not limited to the PC version of the Action Roleplay. In addition, the trick comes without the use of a mod and thus without additional software.

Source | Twitter

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