Joint company EXNOA (Head office: Minato-ku, CEO: Yusuke Mura, URL: https: // DMM Games is Nintendo SwitchTM Version Action from March 10 (Thursday) today In the game “Swordsun Sanken“, it was notified that the second edition of the additional download content (hereinafter DLC) “DLC)” Inner Normal Booking “was started.

This DLC can be changed to a bundle of “Swords Rank -online-” ‘s “domain” in the DLC. Enjoy “Inner New-style Booking” that has been reproduced with 3D that can not be seen with “Swordsun Sanko Muso”.
※ PC (DMM Game Player) version is scheduled for 10 o’clock on Thursday, March 17th.

“Touken Sanko Muso” DLC Details URL: https: //

# The second unit of “Inner Book Booking” is rushing around the battlefield!

This delivery is the second unit of the second unit of Senshu, the first term, Sutoro Yuto, the four-way “Inner Book Congratulations” of Yoshitaka Hinata.
When changing to “Inner Book-Embedded Books”, you can fight in the Battlefield at the time of “re-fight” by changing the setting, as well as the “Main Maru”.

▼ Inner New Booking “Sens Sen”

▼ Inner New Booking “First-term 1st”

▼ Inner Book Booking “Shiro Koji”

▼ Inner Narumi Booking “Hyugasune”

※ “Inner New Book Conduct” is an arrangement that can be soldered for “Swords Sanka” for the seedling of the original proposed “Sword no Sai -online-“.
※ “Inner Beginning Booking” is reflected in the battle in Mainaru and “Return”. It is not reflected in the battle in the “Outer”.
※ “Inner Number-style bundle” is not injured. However, when applying a costume, a special move gauge is always easy to match.
※ This content is also included in “Swordsun Sanko Muso Season Pass”. Please be careful about duplicate purchase.
※ The reflection site of “Inner Normal Booking” can be changed from “Settings” – “Various settings” – “Preferences”.
※ If you have purchased a season path, you will be able to install the corresponding content by performing “Software Update” since the delivery date of each content.

In the future, “Internal New Books” after the third unit will also be delivered.
The latest information and follow-up will be announced at any time at the official site or official Twitter.

“Touken Sanko Muso” official site:
“Touken Sanko Muso” Official Twitter: https: //

# “Sword Sanka Muso”

Sword Development Simulation Game “Toukan Ranbu -online-” and Koe Tecmo Games, which is a collaboration action game “Muso” series of Kohe Tecomo Games, which can enjoy exhilarating action, is the first household game. We will update at any time on the official Twitter and the official site for the latest information and follow-up.

[Story summary]
The main “Audijo (Niwa)” who bundles the swordsmen, and the fifteen swing swords who drifted, suddenly the attack of receive.
After that, it was the mission of “assault survey” that was brought from the time of time.
The main lackers will lead to the Sengoku Rospeater, which goes to history modification.

Product information

Title: Touken Sanko Muso Platform: Nintendo SwitchTM / PC (DMM Game Player) Release Date: Tuesday, February 17 (Thu) Normal Edition Price: Hope Retail Price 8,778 yen (tax included) Rating: CERO B (targeted for 12 years old or more ) Rights notation: © 2015 EXNOA LLC / NITRO Plus © Cae Tecomo Games All Rights Reserved.

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