Like Cales dungeons as well as Abyss of the raid The only way to access the contents in Tower is to achieve endgam-content at level 50. There are two levels: Shadow Spire as well as Spier of fate .

LOST ARK | What is The Tower? Endgame Guide & How to Unlock
Before players there is a task to enter the tower alone and climb on 50 floors, which are becoming increasingly harder with various enemies and waiting tests. If you die or you will end time, you will have a chance to make another attempt.

You also have the opportunity to come and leave, considering the fact that there is no daily limit or mechanics of charging.

You will need to fill in Public Ads Tower Advancer in Quests, before you go to any densely populated central city and look for a tower symbol on your map.

As soon as you interact with the tower, you will be prompted to choose which tower you would like to clean and what floor.

Remember that this occupation can only be performed by you, so make sure you have good equipment and engraving before accepting a challenge.

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