Recently, Blizzard has announced the date for the announcement of the upcoming WOW extension . Of course, WoWS responded to this by far the largest Twitch Streamer Asmongold. He has become one of the largest streamers of the platform by World of Warcraft, but now wow is no longer the holy cow in the MMO sector that she was once for him.

While hardcore WOW players look into the future, Asmongold explains why the quality of the next extension in a game landscape with so many options simply plays no role.

“shit, which becomes the next WOW extension”

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Asmongold was on March 7, 2022 for a short stream from his tree house online, where he announced his damped expectations for the next XPAC from WOW. _ “Let’s see what will happen. Damn, I can not do anything about it. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show. If Steve Danuser can make something good on her legs, that’s fun, then I’ll be happy to look forward.” _

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The MMO market now offers enough alternatives

The Twitch Streamer continued: “Well, that will happen? That’s hard to say. I have a good feeling that it is likely to be better than Shadowland. The thing is that it is not really interested in me. If The extensions are bad, who cares? I’ll simply play Lost Ark or New World or Final Fantasy XIV or something. That’s not a big deal. “_

Since many other MMOs compete with Wow around Asmongold’s time, the true test is whether he will play the next extension or not, their quality in terms of gameplay and storyline. He continued: _ “ There are many paradigms in Wow, of which they just have to say goodbye, such as the raid difficulties and resetting the game after each patch _.”

Wow’s eighth extension disappointed again many players, among other things, because at least a big patch compared to other addons were missing . Do you like Wow to Shadowlands now also more critical and attracts you more and more to other MMOs when WOW does not deliver? Write us in the comments.

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