Domestic R & D (R & D) Investment (R & D) The top 1,000 companies (2009) and Corona 19 Pan Demmem (2020) have more R & D investment. Rather than large enterprises, small and medium-sized business R & D investment growth was higher.

The Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Agency (KIAT, Jangjang Chul) is the economic crisis at the time of the economic crisis (international financial crisis intensification), in 2020 (fan declaration of Pan Demam), and after two economic crises, In the analysis, it said that this results came out for the 15th.

The R & D investment in the R & D investment was that the R & D investment of the company (2008-2009) and Corona (2019-2020) were increased to the previous year (in 2019 ~ 2020). The R & D investment has recorded that 23 trillion won from 23 trillion won in 2008, and 55 trillion won in 2020 from W53.6 trillion won in 2009, and 53 trillion won in 2019. The growth rate was 6.65% in 2009 and 3.35% in 2020.

On the time of the financial crisis, the number of small and medium enterprises was decreased by 436 companies, while the number of small and medium enterprises increased in 347 and 366 at the time of Corona.

In 2020, a Corona, the R & D investment ranking than the R & D investment ranking was active in R & D investment than the Global Financial Crisis (2009). On the other hand, the proportion of SMEs in the domestic R & D investment in Korea was 59.8% in 2009 and 53.6% in 2009.

R & D investment ranking of companies (401 ~ 1000th) In the lower interval, R & D investment growth rate was higher than that of the global financial crisis in the low interval. In particular, R & D investment ranking 901 ~ 1 thousand (12.8%) was found to be 9.96% higher than the R & D investment rate (2.84%) (2.84%) (2.84%).

As a result of the global financial crisis and Corona Point of Corporation, the financial ratio of Corona was improved, the growth potential, profitability, and activity of SMEs were improved.

At the time of the global financial crisis, SMEs were improved for sales growth (5.10%) (5.10%) (5.10%), which is a growth potential index, but in Corona 19 views, sales growth (28.66%), operating margin (7.91% points), previous year (7.91% point) Change of self-equity equity (5.10 times) was improved evenly.

As a result of analyzing R & D investment patterns over the past decade of domestic R & D investment, most of the financial crisons showed that most companies have increased.

Of the total enterprises, 857 companies in the entire enterprise have been shown to increase R & D investment in the past decade,

335 companies, 91.5% of the 366 companies, have recorded R & D investment growth. The large corporations were relatively low as 127 members (77.9%).

Can an infusion of public R&D investment revitalize a lagging economy?

Domestic R & D Investment, the financial ratio of the enterprise has shown a good appearance in terms of management environment, including profitability and stability, compared to the entire enterprise in the economic crisis. The sales growth rate of the R & D investment was -2.41%, 1.37% higher than the entire domestic company, and the self-capital turnover (1.11 times) was 0.48 times low. The profitability index (5.78%), and the debt ratio (69.15%), which are stability indicators, were relatively excellent compared to the entire domestic company.

Domestic R & D Investment In the first quarter of the company, the ratio of R & D investment in the main industry has increased compared to the previous year, and the number of businesses in the semiconductor and bio-health industry increased.

The proportion of R & D investment compared to the sales of the 12th flagship industry was 5.61%, which increased by 0.25 percent compared to the previous year.

Semiconductor (+11), Bio Health (+10), Software (+3) The number of businesses increased from the previous year.

In 2020, the number of companies in the middle of the domestic R & D investment in Korea, and the number of enterprises, parts and equipment fields, 636, and R & D investment was 41 trillion won.

The proportion of R & D investment compared to the sales of materials, parts, equipment companies, was 6.84%, a total of 1,000 companies (4.53%). The average domestic patent registration (39.10 cases) was 6.89 compared to the total number of companies (32.21) (32.21).

Meanwhile, the report may be downloaded from the Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Agency homepage.