If you do not choose the Speedrun method , then your path leads through Elden Ring pretty fast to Margit, the cruel times over. It is waiting for you in Castle Storm veil on you and prepare you to what you expect later at the actual boss of the fortress. And certainly one or the other had to kiss the ground at Margit, because where hammer and rod hit, no grass grows.

I like my bosses naked

However, there are players who do not just defeat the bosses in from-software games. You want to humble you. Time with dance mat instead of gamepad, sometimes solo instead of ash-conjugation, NPC assistants or coop partner, somewhat naked and without even a defensive action or a level rise. At last group, Tired-Shinobi, which could defeat Margit without clothes or evasive maneuvers, as a few days ago, as roles, block, jumps or parades. But see yourself:

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The player’s strategy looks very simple: without fixing the camera on the boss, this almost the entire fight runs around just around the wild styling around to give him a hazardous slot on the butt. Even in the moments where Tired-Shinobi has to go away from the boss, he renounces every role in dodging. He will not even hit. Respect!

Individual difficulty level

Naked Adventures of B00TY QUEEN (Wretch) | Elden Ring #1
This example shows that despite the lack of difficulty levels there are still various possibilities to adapt the personal level of elden ring (Buy 53.98 €) according to own gusto. By the way, this does not only apply to people who like to be heavier. You can also make Elden Ring comparatively easily. But more in another article.

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