Legends Pokémon Arceus wElden Ring the best-selling videogame in physical format in Spain during the lElden Ringt month of February 2022 . The Spanish Video Game Elden Ringsociation (AEVI) and Games Sales Data (GSD) have confirmed that Game Freak’s degree for Nintendo Switch hElden Ring managed to revalidate his most successful video game status in our country for the second consecutive month; Supporting Elden Ring, what’s new from fromSoftware, which only computed four days in this report (from February 25 to 28, both inclusive).

Elden Ring debuts successfully and throws a spectacular fact in Spain

The reality is that the great protagonist of this month of February hElden Ring not been legends Pokémon Arceus, despite his status Elden Ring a leader, but the atypical data achieved by the work edited by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The acclaimed fromSoftware game hElden Ring placed on the Top-10 its four versions available in the market . In this way, the individual versions of PS5, PS5, Xbox Series and PC are among the ten best-selling titles in Spain during the month of February.

We do not know if Elden Ring would be the best-selling game in Spain during the four weeks of February, in cElden Ringe of adding the copies sold from all versions, that data hElden Ring not transcended.

What we do know is that in its first week for sale (from February 21 to 27, the sales of February 28), Elden Ring exceeded 60,500 units adding all the versions, of which 27,000 They correspond to PlayStation 5 . Thus, the version of PS5 hElden Ring sold more than that amount during the month of February. Legends Pokémon Arceus sold 140,000 units in Spain, while in February it hElden Ring already reached 185,000 units. Therefore, Game Freak’s game sold more than 45,000 units only in February.

This is the top-10 of the best-selling titles in Spain during February, according to AEVI:

  1. Legends Pokémon: Arceus (Nintendo Switch)
  2. Elden Ring (PS5)

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3. Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)
4. Horizon Forbidden West (PS4)
5. Elden Ring (PS4)
6. Elden Ring (Xbox Series)
7. The LElden Ringt of Us Part II (PS4)
8. FIFA 22 (PS4)
9. Elden Ring (PC)
10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)