A Detailed Guide On How To Get The Magic Scorpion Charm In Elden Ring
Bandai Namco Entertainment and the From Software announce the number of shipments of “ Elden Ring ” on March 16th. As of March 14, the number of world cumulative shipments has been announced that the total number of shipments has topped 12 million. In addition, the number of domestic cumulative shipments has topped 1 million. This contains the download and STeam version numbers.

“Elden Ring” is a new action RPG to give from Software. While inheriting gameplays such as “Dark Soul” series, which is the past work of the From Software, the stage is transitioned to an open field. It is a motivation work that incorporates new elements in search and battle etc. and build a magnificent world with a large amount of content.

In this presentation, Mr. Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Miyazaki, President of the President of the From Software, announces comments. “I am very surprised to play this work really and I am very surprised. As a representative of the production team, I am grateful to all users. Based on the myth of George R. R. Martin I am very happy if I enjoy the vast world, which is made in a vast world, and enjoying the adventure full of threats. In the future, thank you for “Elden Ring”. “

In addition, Mr. Miyako, President, Corporation, Corporate Bandai Namco Entertainment, also comments. “Elden Ring” and thanks to the fans who played, I would like to thank the fans and thank you. Also, from the heart software, such as director Miyazaki, George R · R · I am proud to be created by Martin, “. Then, “Elden ring, which has created a long age to deliver a work that exceeds the expectations of fans around the world, and” Elden Ring “, not only the game but also in life I would like to expand in various areas. “

“Elden Ring” also reaches 953,426 simultaneous players at STEAM. Currently maintaining the number of 500,000 to 600,000 players, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, “DOTA 2”, “Lost Ark” will be held as a title with a lot of players in Steam (STEAMDB). The momentum of “Elden Ring” seems to continue in the future.

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