Netmarble subsidiary Netmarble Hillby (Representative Emovation) is a pop-up store of its contemporary art & beauty brand ‘V & A Beauty (V and Ayi Beauty)’ on March 10 to 2 weeks from Hyundai Seoul underground I said.

This pop-up store first released new products such as ‘V and Ai Formu’ Skin Care Line and Alice Tableware Collection, and Personal Line Products such as Cushion Foundation, Hand & Body Care You can meet all products.

In particular, the ‘V & A Beauty’ pop-up store is characterized by creating an exotic atmosphere, such as moving the V & A museum of London, as it is, and it is a feature that it seems to have admirated the work in the Gallery of the museum.

‘V & A Beauty’, ‘Antioxidant Test John’, which is a representative product of ‘V & A Beauty’, ‘Antioxidant Test Zone, which can experience differentiated whitening antioxidant effects, John ‘, the Gallery Zone’, which can admire the actual work of the V & A Museum and the actual work of the UK and the inspired products.

The ‘V & A Beauty’ pop-up store has been opened to open a colorful consumer event. During the event, we will draw a British V & A Museum ticket and a British round-trip ticket and a British round trip to a customer who purchased more than 30,000 won in the pop-up store. For visiting customers, we offer a variety of benefits, including artwork poster presentation, kiosk event, and pop-up store limited purchase discount.

In addition, this pop-up store has attracted a topic, not only popular sellers, including universe girls and actress Bona, and many of the famous influenza, etc.

Netmall Hillby Beei Admo Jessi said, “In December, the first time in the Hyundai Seoul Bacclin Zone, he became the second time,” he said, I will make a variety of opportunities to expand the width. “

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The first beauty brand ‘V & A Beauty’ of Netmarble Hillby Beauty is a tour of the British Victoria and Albert Museum (V & A) and a sole global license agreement with a solitary global license agreement. It is a core value, and all the products of ‘V & A Beauty’ are co-participated in the design from the development of all products from the development of “V & A Beauty” to the best raw material, and all the products of ‘V & A Beauty’ are jointly participating in the design.