It is very possible to remove the red eyes, which are pulled during the game ELDENRING . Although this is not apparent to all players immediately, the characteristics of the character of a player can participate rather significant changes as a result of the player’s decisions to participate in NPC side quests. Although it is not possible to undo the decisions made in the game regarding such side quests, the effects on the face of the players can be addressed, which are not satisfied with the new appearance with which their characters are now equipped. This guide shows how you can achieve this ELDENRING .

How to remove red eyes in elden ring

Changing the facial features of a character, including those caused by tracking quutious rows, can either be made on the dressing table where FIA ​​is located Roundtable or Rostala, Queen of the Full Moon Raya Lucaria Large library After completing her boss struggle. If the player wants to use Rennala to change his characters, he does not have to worry about losing Larval Tears, as he does not specify his characters, but only makes cosmetic changes.

When accessing the dressing table or Rennala, players are welcomed with the character creation menu, which they have seen for the first time at the beginning of the game. Select Detailed appearance, followed by face & hair change then eyes . For players with red eyes, which were created by the preservation of the bloody finger, a new option should be available at the bottom eye change, to remove the red eyes present on their character, simply turn it on open **.

Save your changes on the home screen by selecting Exit cosmetics. If everything was done correctly, players should find their characters with their original eye color, unlike their changed states. Players can change as often as they want to switch from their red eye condition by following the above procedures.

[SPOILERS] How Do You Change Your Eyes Back To Normal? [Elden Ring Guide]

With regard to the eyes, there is another remarkable thing, and that’s the presence of dragon eyes. Dragon’s eyes are something the player can contract when he keeps a considerable amount of communion in the Drachenkirche with dragon hearts if it exchanges against evil formulas. In addition to slotted pupils, the character’s eyes develop a yellow color, which has a draconian similarity. This is an eye change that can be removed in a similar way with the dressing table or racing. So think about it if you are not interested in the idea of ​​having dragon eyes.

Although there are not many cosmetic changes to the player character as a result of the players’ actions, while crossing the Lands Between in Elden Ring, the existing all can be reversed, so the players should be insured if they do not like the new look they got.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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