C9 Summit FASTEST win in Champions Queue HISTORY!! C9 Summit (Trynademere) vs Lourlo (Akshan) replay
The North American LCS is one of those League of Legends competitions that you never know where you will go: On the one hand we have a Team Liquid that despite not going as they expected are in a moment Sweet and a huge ambition. On the other, we have contenders prepared to assault the Ring of the tournament as the current champion 100 Thieves or Flyquest with Toucouille and Josedeodo resulted all the games in which they have had a protagonism.

But if there is a team that has always shone only thanks to the work and talent they get every year it is cloud 9 , that despite the stubbled LS output several weeks ago, the club has not stopped winning and His players are a great reflection of it. Especially Korean imports, Summit and Berserker, who are being a total madness in terms of mechanical level and a hard bone to rivals. If the other day we talked about a million T1’s ex-shooter, today we come to show you the bad beast that is the Toplaner with a tryndamere in the hands of it:

The Korean jewel was in a game of American superserver with very good numbers and advanced on the line of it, so it took advantage to invade the rival jungle and get the bufo to have even more advantage in the scoreboard. It is here when he found Tahm Kench and Jinx by surprise, so he needed to end up as soon as possible with the shooter to be able to finish quietly with the king of the river. It is here when he pulled the forest huge damage and Engage of the champion that with the fury and climbing he was able to murder vilely to the protagonist of Arcane, destination that also run Tahm Kench.

However, this would not stay here since Viktor entered the jungle to try to completely eliminate Summit. What he did not know is that he still had the definitive thing in his credit and overbivious to the siege of magical damage of the scrap that would end up eliminated after this thanks to the enormous damage of the Fury of Trynda. But he would not be the last one in dying, but the rival qiyana who tried to kill in one last instance the barbarian king without success. This type of plays that end with a Quadra for the Toplaner i you are the enormous power of Tryndamere if there are no ways to stop it, as well as the absurd damage it has with just one object.