The first boss Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise Origin can be difficult, especially in difficult mode. Fortunately, there are only two phases and only a few attacks that need to be remembered. Soul Shield is vital in battle, but timely evasion and blocks can work as well. This is how to defeat chaos in Stranger of Paradise.

Stranger of Paradise Chaos Advent Boss Guide

During the first phase of the battle, Chaos Advent has only a few receptions. Knowledge when safely attacking or use the potion is important for each of these attacks. Ordinary attacks used by the sword can be blocked Usually, while magic attacks will still apply a damage to the player, unless it uses the shield of the soul.

Spontaneous Attacks

During the first phase of the battle Chaos Advent, can throw in the player of the Ice fragments, evading him. To do this, it is required shield of the soul To completely block, since regular blocking will still cause damage to Jack. The boss for a moment will leave himself vulnerable if the players decide to dodge and pursue him.

Blaise can be absorbed by the shield of the soul, giving players two charges attacks to apply significant damage chaos. It does not require perfect parry and maybe just holds while the attack passes.

During the first phase, the coming of chaos can use astroker cover your sword with a flame. At the second stage, they will use ice sword instead. During animation, for this, players can get a lot of damage before the boss starts to attack.

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Stranger of Paradise Gameplay Boss Guide - How To Beat Chaos Advent

While FireBringer or Ice Sword is active, Chaos Advent can use a powerful area in the area to apply Fire or Blizzard Clear. The shield of the soul collapses if time is not correctly calculated, and instead it is better to get out of the action zone of the attack.

Chaos Advent can also use an attack that covers his fist to apply Thunder Damage in the second phase. To do this, Soul Shield is required to avoid damage, but it can be dummoned when the attack starts to pass.

Attacks weapons

All attacks with weapons made by Chaos Advent, are not covered with fire or blizzard. May be blocked completely reduced damage. From these attacks you can easily dodge, since they all have a long period of action. Attack from behind will deal with Critical strikes Remuneration players for risk and boss evasion to apply more damage.

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