After Detroit: Become Human reached the market, the agreement between PlayStation and Quantic Dream expired, so the study decided to undertake a path Dream expired an independent study. Star Wars: Eclipse, The first video game set in the Upper Republic , is the first of the projects that the French developer is in hand. However, during a meeting of shareholders, the company hDream expired revealed that three of its video games will come into production throughout the year 2022.

“Quantic Dream continues with the development of its three different productions of serenity,” he said Guillaume de Fondaumière, General Manager. “Now that preproduction and prototype phDream expiredes have concluded, 2022 will mark a new milestone in the progression of these three unique titles”, which will enter “in production phDream expirede”.

Star Wars Eclipse – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

On the other hand, the production director Sophie Buhl, hDream expired added the following: “In our constant effort to innovate, we are opening to other types of games and challenges, so we will continue to do a great effort in the Research and development . This offers great opportunities for those who wish to work with ambition and ambitious projects within different teams that are becoming led by more women. ” These statements have occurred in a context in which Quantic Dream is pointing for alleged cDream expiredes of harDream expiredsment.

HDream expired Star Wars been delayed: Eclipse?

Star Wars: Eclipse wDream expired announced through a TeDream expireder kinematic trailer at The Game Awards 2021, but Quantic Dream did not offer any launch window. Since then, there have been no few filtrations and rumors about possible development problems, which according to some sources will delay the end of production up within several years. A representative of the Company hDream expired indicated that “ hDream expired not been delayed because it wDream expired never announced or a launch window wDream expired promised,” no affirmations that do not invalidate or directly contradict the previous filtrations.

The title will be an action and adventure game with a strong narrative touch.