The determining topic of the first mythical-ID in current WoW Race to World First were the countless split runs that were necessary to equip the main squad of mythical raiders with the best possible items. Of course, these include the four set items, which has further increased the number of split runs.

This immense effort led to the start of the mythical ID none of the top guilds entered mythical mode. Only as all the possibilities were exhausted to be able to assign bay from other RAID members, was started in mythical mode.

The guild The Early Shift gave the opportunity to get the World First Kill on the attentive guardian. Other guilds such as Pieces, Method and the Chinese Guild Skyline retired quite quickly and quickly closed in progress around the seventh boss halondrus. Only there was that the players of skyline had much more Itemlevel, despite the effort of the other guilds.

The controversial mythical-plus tactics of skyline

About Asian guilds is hardly reported due to the language barrier of the Western media and the stand on WoWprogress \ – where Asian guilds are not listed. Only when she snapped 4th place and to see her progress in the LiveStreams of Echo and Limit , the high itemlevel of the players of skyline moved into the limelight.

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The Caster Dratnos and Tettles also talked about it in their update video to the Race To World First. As stealed, skyline also had many helpers who helped them when equipping. In addition to countless split raids, to the ECHO, Liquid and Co., the high ITemlevel for skyline is above all but mythical-plus dungeons.

If you leave a mythical-plus keystone after the start and the group continues to successfully complete the key, you will receive the prey by mail, which would be twisted at the end of the boss. In this way, the players of skyline advised again and again prefabricated groups that closed the M + disguise for them and then sent the M + -Gear by POS.

Blizzard should react urgently!

WoW: Getting out of (and avoiding) stupid guilds
This is of course very effective, because it saves a lot of time and the equipment is quasi. This exploitation of the game mechanics is a gray z1. Officially there is no section for this tactic in the Terms of Use of WOW (Buy Now). Other top guilds in the race have completely avoided this tactic. Maybe to bypass any penalties if you exploit this mechanics excessively.

There have been no consequences for skyline. In the meantime, this gave them an average ITemlevel advantage of three to four points, which is a lot at the high level. Do you find this exploitation of mythical-plus reward should be banned, or is that ok? Write us in the comments.

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