Nintendo has launched an absolute handheld highlight with the Switch. But instead of taking advantage of the hybrid console, a fan rather builds up a portable gamecube and holds his work process and the result in a witty video.

Youtuber Gingerofoz shows in a video as he assembles a portable and functioning version of the Gamecubes. For the handheld version of Nintendos Kult Console it orientes itself on the image of a fan model, which has been circulating on the Internet since 2005. With some clever tricks, he finally creates it to build a Gamecube pocket version – even if the ergonomics remains a bit on the track.

Gamecube: Youtuber performs legend

In his fascinating video, Youtuber Gingerofoz leads through the construction process of the portable Gamecube console . Starting from the enigmatic origin of the fan model on necessary practical changes to the screwing, he shows all the steps on the way to the finished console.

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Look at the formation of the handheld gamecubes in the video:

The housing and the buttons could be made with a 3D printer, while Gingerofoz for the inner life installed the motherboard of a Nintendo Wii – this requires less energy, space and cooling as a gamecube motherboard. However, since it is downwards compatible with Gamecube games , this little trick can be mercanted.

The end result can definitely be seen: the portable Gamecube plays Nintendo classics like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker easily and the battery life as well as the internal temperature can always be viewed on the screen – even if According to Gingerofoz, the button arrangement was not optimally solved.

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The portable Gamecube is by no means the only portable console that has screwed together Youtuber Gingerofoz. On his channel you can also look at Similar videos to build a handheld Wii and a portable PlayStation 2 .

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