KT spirits ‘Digico’ (Digico) Roadmap CJ ENM and Content Investment to strengthen the competitiveness of the media, content business, it will be in the fabrication, organizing, and distributing from Content investment.

KT said, CJ ENM and 21, Soo-woo, KT Gwanghwamun Building, concluded a strategic partnership for content business cooperation. On this day, the main executive officer, such as Yoon Kyung Rim KT Group Transformer and Kang Ho-sung CJ ENM representative attended.

CJ ENM is a strategic investor for building content competitiveness of both stood up and 10 billion won in Study ▲ Stewed Ojimi.

In addition, the two companies plan to create content business synergies, such as a business cooperation committee configuration, such as a cooperation committee configuration for the media ∙ and content fields.

■ Studiosen, CJ ENM 1,000 won to attract first SI

Study is a control tower that overzes the KT Group Media, Content business. Web novel, webtoon specialized enterprise, Story Wiz, Multiple Program Provider (MPP) channel SkyTV, OTT season, music streaming platform Geniographer, T Commerce and content distribution company KT Alpha, etc. Since KT Alpha, – Production – Constructing a media value chain leading to distribution.

Study was a strategic partnership with CJ ENM, in the process of extracting corporate value to 1 trillion won, and signed an investment agreement of W100bn.

CJ ENM said, “We have evaluated the likelihood of studies, considering the synergy of the media and know-how in the media platform business, and the synergy of the media values ​​in the media values, which have KT groups.”

Study in the first strategic investor (SI) is a successful studio to attract authentic content production capabilities to ensure the acquisition of source IP and investment in its acquisition. Especially this year, it shows a variety of original drama lineup and shows a steep growth for K-content leading companies.

■ Studio – CJ ENM Content Co-manufacture and Channels

Study and CJ ENM are a policy that increases the phase of K-content through content joint production. The source of the original IP, which has been secured, is the aim of aiming for a good quality plan to cooperate with both companies to create a global masterpiece.

We also pursue a measure of CJ ENM on CJ ENM holding channels such as TVN and teebing during the original content produced by Study. Through this, the Study will be able to enhance the competitiveness of the CJ ENM as a channel of CJ ENM beyond the ole TV, seasonal platform and SKYTV channel. However, the specific content to be organized on the CJ ENM channel was not determined.

In addition, KT and CJ ENM organize a business cooperation committee for promoting both companies throughout the media, content business. Content, music, web novel, and webtoon, and webtoons, such as each business sector, such as each business, will participate directly as a representative committee and to discover joint business items and seek cooperation measures.

CJ ENM Co, Ltd

This will continue to expand and expand the electronic content cooperation with the group and CJ ENM in addition to the studiohemia.

Yoon Kyung Rim KT Group Transformer said, “The studios who secured a solid upper army of CJ ENM, will be able to spur on the growth of the source IP and the production value of the original IP and the production volume.”

Kang Ho-sung CJ ENM said, “Collaboration with KT, a media platform leading to KT, will be a great force for CJ ENM to go to a global total entertainment company.”