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\ – Added three swimwear characters to meet on the beach

【Blue Archive】 SWIMSUIT HINA vs SWIMSUIT IORI... WHO YOU SHOULD PULL (and why you shouldn't)
\ – New Event Story ‘Hina Leader’s Summer Vacation’ Update

** \ – Movie 19th until April 19 ‘

Nexon said today (23th) today (23 days) today that we have updated the number of swimwear characters in the subcrete game ‘Blue Archive’ developed by the subsidiary Nexon Games.

The newly added character appears in ‘Swimwear Hina’, ‘Swimwear’, ‘Swimwear Izumi’, and the ‘Ghenna Academy’ leading part of the ‘Ghenna Academy’ appears in the New Event Story ‘Hino Leading Chairman’ s summer vacation.

You can acquire the ‘Swimwear Izumi Eleep’ using the ‘Ghennah’s Aleep’, and the event goods ‘corn’, ‘sunglasses’ and ‘helmet’.

In addition, Mini Games’ Leader’s Hell Summer Joys! I showed a practice ‘ You can obtain the upcoming sweeper to the timing, and according to the cumulative score, you can acquire a “blue-sized stone”, “Credit”, Furniture Item ‘Small Tube Set Pool (★ 3).

We also added 23 new furniture ‘summer resort pool party sets in’ cafe ‘. ‘Colorful large pool’, ‘summer wave decoration wall’, ‘blue summer dot background’, ‘blue summer dot background’, etc. can make a beach atmosphere to suit your taste.

Nexon commemorates this update ‘Leading Bonus Summer Joys’ training commemorative login bonus!’ We will conduct events from April 19th. Depending on the number of cumulative attendance, it provides ‘Blue Seal 600’ and ‘Summer Dessert Table (★ 3)’.

The new swimwear character update of ‘Blue Archive’ is available through the Official Community .