Like a snake manifestation of rage and flame, Marilit hit the strangers, whom she once called their comrades before grieving around the fiery crystal, greedily a duck of his power for himself at the top of the volcanic mountain Galg. Your reflexes should be sharper than ever to shy away from fiery blades marilite and rejuvenate the fiery crystal, but do not worry – we are here to help you survive in this fatal dance. Here how to defeat Marilit, Demon Demon in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin .

Battle with marilitis, fire monster

Preparing for the battle with marilite

Before fighting marilitis, you should be ready to use its weakness… Water And also Saint . Installing a sage as one of your professions will give you access to powerful water and holy magic, and choosing additional work that uses either fists or daggers will allow you to use quick attacks for quick recharge MP.

Mission levels range from from 50 to 84 as for the main and additional mission version of the battle with marilite, so equip equipment at least the same level before you go to face to face. In addition, if you unlocked the ability Change special effects Through Forge Be sure to give your weapons and armor at least a few of the following Equipment effects before going to battle:

  • Water saturation
  • Fill holy
  • Caused by water damage
  • Caused damage from water break
  • Saint damage

  • Inflicted Holy Break damage
  • Applied magic damage
  • Applied magic damage
  • Caused by the enemy damage from weakness
  • Caused damage from the enemy weakness

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin | The Definitive Review
* Physical damage
* Fire resistance
* MP recovery rate with ordinary attacks
* Action Ability Cost MP

After you have decided on the affairs and equipment of your group, go to Mount Gang area on the world map to resist the fire mesmer.

attacks and abilities marilite

Marilite relies on his speed to attack the players fire and physical attacks during battle, preferring to close with its enemies. Because of this, Marilite has the potential to crush your group if you are not careful – such attacks, as flaming rage allow her to quickly cross the arena, while Asura allows it to attack from a safe distance. Attacks that marilite will use during the battle following:

  • normal attack combination
    • Marilite deals from two to five blows to any player right in front of her. This attack can be blocked in the usual way or evincible from it.
  • Dance blades
    • Marilitis imposes on the offensive Buff, increasing his attack for a short time.
  • Stone view
    • Marilit Spark looks at her enemies, turning all the players who came across her eyes, in a stone for a short time. This attack cannot be blocked, and it should be avoided, turning away from marilite.
  • Rain from swords
    • Marilita crepts the player with a series of blows with a sword down. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • rapid hit
    • Marilit rushes forward, inflicting horizontal strikes on the player in front of her three of its blades. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Rakshas Slash
    • Marilite violently waves with all six of his own blades in a small area around him, inflicting damage to all players within the range. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Asura
    • Marilite attacks the player with energy blades created by the swords of her swords. This attack can be partially blocked, evade it from it or turn against marilite with the help of the shield of the soul.
  • Inferno
    • Marilite causes fire pillars to break out from under the earth under the players, inflicting fire damage. From this attack you can evaporate.
  • flaming rage
    • Marilit rushes to the player, turning, creating a burning tornado. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.

how to defeat marilite

The key to the battle with marilite is to stay at a distance, making jerks and evading, using water or holy magic. To start a battle, switch to the work of the sage and to hit Marilit Waterga And also Daja until MP will terminate. From there, initiate both of your ally resonance states forcing them to act as distraction, using their abilities on marilite more aggressively.

While Marilitis is busy attacking your teammates, hit it Ordinary attacks to recover MP , then distance themselves from marilite before playing Waterga and Diaja. In addition, if your weapon has saturation with water or Fill the holy Equipment effects, each ordinary attack will be to use the weakness of Kraken on water or saint and lower its gap sensor.

Just continue this cycle of spells using resonances and restoring MPs, and then apply spells again. If marilite starts to use Stone view Stop targeting on it and make sure that Jack Face from Devil Fire . This will allow you to avoid disease status disease.

The battle will go into the second phase when the health of Marilite falls to half, after which her attacks will become impregnated with fire and it will start using flaming rage and also Inferno . However, the schemes of attacks Marilitis will remain the same before the end of the battle, so continue to use Watergua, sidia and ordinary attacks with water or holy strength to break her break scale. Just keep calm and caution, and you will definitely handle this Fiery Devil in the blink of an eye!

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