Further, hardly any day passes without a new transfer rumor around Erling Haaland von Borussia Dortmund. Now Joan Laporta, his sign President of the FC Barcelona, ​​said to the poker around the BVB shooting star.

Real Madrid? Manchester City? Or the FC Barcelona? There are no more accurate information about where Erling Haaland will play in the coming season. Of course, only that the top attacker of the BVB probably will not fulfill its actually until 2024 contract at the football Bundesliga club.

But which club pays the exit clause of 75 to 90 million euros, which is necessary to get away from Haaland at the middle of the year from Dortmund. And: who can pay Haaland at all as a complete package from said transfer and salary and bonus payments? Behind the FC Barcelona you can obviously set a big question mark in this question. In any case, words of Barca Boss Laporta lay close.

Visual “Mundo Deportivo” emphasized the president of Borussiay immensely amplified Laliga clubs, while he “will not talk about individual players,” but then indirectly towards the rumors to take Haaland.

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BVB: Would Haaland fit in Barcas salary level?

“We will not make transfers that endanger the association,” said Laporta, whose club with much more than one billion euros in a debt hole.

New additions “need to adapt to the salary level at Barca,” says Laporta, “to ensure the sustainability of the club”.

So if the FC Barcelona would be prepared to bring the club for Haaland even further in economic imbalance.

Suitably, the English “Sun” last reported that a Haaland transfer could become an expensive pleasure. For the Norwegian is recently rejected an offer of Manchester City, which would have brought him a salary of 31 million euros per year.