What do you get when you mix PGA Tour with Rocket League? Well, Turbo Golf Racing is what you get, and it meets at the start on Game Pass. Turbo Golf Racing is a new indie game where players compete against each other and the first to beat their golf ball with the bumpers of their cars into a huge hole.

Turbo Golf Racing presented during the Spring Showcase the Future Games Show organizes online arcade races for eight players before being asked if their driving skills are up to date.

Complete with customizable vehicles have the same vehicles access to special skills, so-called Power Cores to give you a lead, and the game is supported after the start with regular free updates, bringing new courses, power cores and cosmetics. In addition, CrossSplay is implemented on the first day between Xbox and PC.

Turbo Golf Full Gameplay Walkthrough
While the game will appear later on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC later this year later, you can see it later in this spring with a closed beta on trying official website. Xbox player can log in to the Xbox InsiderS program promptly.

The trailer for the game makes it look like an absolute blast and a new interpretation of the Rocket League formula.

Hopefully, the game will be able to conquer an audience on his publication, although it will certainly be a hit on Twitch and Game Take Himself to help him succeed.