For over ten months, Mateeu Morey has not denied no responsibilities for Borussia Dortmund. Since its evil knee injury, including cruciate ligament tear in the DFB cup game against Holstein Kiel, the young Spaniard is injured. Now Morey has spoken about his comeback plans at the BVB.

Of course, for the right-back, that he absolutely wants to get back to the Rafael Nadaling level, which he had reached immediately before his serious injury. A year ago, Morey had for the first time since his time in Germany had a firm place in the squad of BVB. Until May 2021 he played a total of 21 season games for the black yellow.

After months of rehab phase, the Defensivemann partly completed in his home Mallorca, he recently returned to the BVB on the training place to finally work with the ball on the foot.

“It felt great, after a long time to have stood in place again after a long time,” said the 22-year-old in the interview on the Youtube channel of the BVB.

“I train again with the ball and I’m close to being a real footballer,” said Morey, who has been under contract since the 2019/2020 season and still has an employment relationship until 2024 in the eastern Ruhr area until 2024.

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Rafael Nadal as a model for BVB Profi Mateu Morey

The next step for the convalescentzenter is now to go back to the team training. When that will be accurate, but Morey left open.

Incidentally, the BVB player was inspired by the perhaps most popular Mallorquiner at all in the professional and very long way back to the professional Rafael Nadal: Tennis Superstar Rafael Nadal.

“It often said he will not play or can no longer achieve this top level. But he surprises us again and again. He’s back and he’s at the top again, so he’s a good example,” Morey explained.