Blood loss is a powerful tool in Elden Ring, which often acts as a great compensation against even the toughest enemies that sit in the way. If you are not a big carpenter, you can fly for the decide swarm , a summon whose work costs little and the ruthless is effective to hunt enemies and to add heavy status damage. This summon requires very little statistical investment, since only 11 faith and 16 arcane need to be used. Therefore, it is especially helpful if you want to add blood loss from a safe distance. Continue reading for our guide How to get the summon of the flying swarm in Elden Ring !

ELDEN RING: How to get the summon of flying swarms

The flying swarm is located directly in front of the Palace Approach Ledge Road place of grace, in the second cave on the right, if you go down the hill from the well-known rune farm to the north. For those who do not know where it is, it is located on the secret place of the Mohgwyn Palace. From this place, pass the grace past the area where the Albinaurics are designed, and past the first cave to your right, they come to another with a sleeping Albinauric, who allegedly keeps guard. Behind this enemy is a small corner in which a corpse is beside something that resembles a meaty hive. This body considers the summon of the flying swarm.

This magic is one of the most useful in the game and will work quickly Malenia in your two phases. It reaches the opponent only slowly, but has a certain homing for his attacks and a decent range, with a slight graduation effect on humanoid opponents, which are prone to his effects. It can also prove devastating in the PVP.

This completes our guide This is how you get the summon of the flying swarm in Elden Ring ! Be sure to look at our other guides and our review!

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