With Sarah Bond, Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke in detail about the business model of the Xbox Game Pass as part of the GDC 2022.

In conversation Spencer often told questions about the subscription model asked about the developers. Among other things, developers fear that they are not viable with their game if it would not land in the Xbox Game Pass.

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But that was not true, Spencer said. As the boss of the Xbox division explained, it not only give it a single business model to believe. For example, he also sees the sale of retail plays as an important part.

“I also want to make the people out there, that there is no business model for us at Xbox, from whom we believe it will win. I am often asked by developers, if I’m not in the subscription, am I no longer viable on the Xbox? ‘And that is absolutely not true. “

“Just look at the retail trade, so selling games, the purchase of games, he is an important part of our income statement, you know that. And it’s something we invest resources so that our developers can do great work there. “

Further details from the conversation, with interesting facts about the Xbox Game Pass, you will find including the video in our message from this morning.