Com2u (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee), said on the 28th that we have acquired 58.47% of the stake through strategic investment in the world‘s largest K-POP performance platform business, and have secured management rights.

The Mi Music Taste is a national representative K-POP performance platform company that gains a great popularity as a novel reverse strategy that requests a favorite artist in the city that fans wanted directly. We are planning and operating a variety of K-POP performances in all over the world, which predicts performance demand through Big Data and based on the world.

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The Mi Music Taste Platform has 261 million users in mobile phone number certified in more than 100 countries around the world, and 97% or more is made up of overseas subscribers. There are more than 350 performances in 58 cities in 37 countries, including ‘BTS’, ‘EXO’, and ‘Montistas’. In recent years, in recent years, it is maintaining high growth with online performances and online commerce operations in the world’s Corona 19 infectious diseases.

Com2us enhances business capabilities for global entertainment markets through this acquisition. Combining the platform power of Com2us’s solid global network and the migration of the microic taste, we plan to introduce more sophisticated and colorful on-offline performance contents, which are tailored to local and fandom properties.

In addition, the two companies are promoting new businesses, including MetaVourse performances, Artist and Performance IP, and NFT businesses. Connect the platform and content of the My Music Taste, currently linked to the All-in-One Metabus Platform in Development, and will make it possible to enjoy a variety of K-POP performance contents through virtual reality. In addition, based on Big Data, the global fandom is directly excavated, nurturing and nurturing the next generation large artists that are desirable, and applying NFTs using artists and performance IPs to the ‘Comfortus’ to meet the Korean Wave Culture Market Strategy.

Meanwhile, Com2us is a comprehensive video content enterprise ‘Wish Wick Studio’, the performance and musical video content enterprise ‘Wiz Onsen’, BRAND Experience (XR) and XR (Extended Reality) Content Enterprises ‘Enpi’, In addition to affiliates such as’ EarlWorks’, drama ‘Laongdong’, ‘Rational Municipal’, Management Co., IN Naiza ‘s “