KT announced on the 29th that this year will conduct a total of 1,2,000 new recruitment of a total of 1,2,000. The recruitment method is also planning to diversify the channels from the existing way to diversify the channels, and to secure excellent talents suitable for their jobs.

First, we focus on software development capabilities, not specifications, and to establish ‘SW developer recruitment’ to begin talent. Unlike other adoption that prioritize documents and aptitude tests, the adoption is the first gate of the coding test. Applicants with excellent coding capabilities are incident with KT’s new employee when passing through humanity tests and interviews without separate documents.

KT has been recruited by the applicant of the first SW developer recruitment of the first SW developer, and the second adoption is implemented in August.

College graduate new employment recruitment period is from March 29 to April 11, ▲ SW development ▲ IT security ▲ ICT infrastructure technology ▲ Distribution channel management ▲ BIZ sales, etc. Dual ICT infrastructure and distribution channel management, volunteers in the field of BIZ operations are determined by the internships, and the final incidence is determined through internships.

Career and McCsychological recruitment will be held on the basis of R & D (R & D), IT, Robot, and Bio Health.

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KT and KT groups have been able to adopt the recruitment fairs for the ‘KT Able School’. KT Able School is a program that offers artificial intelligence (AI) and digital conversion (DX) practical education for nationwide job preparations.

KT plans to train 3,600 regional talent by 2024 by 2024 by selecting 1,200 trainees per year by 2024 to increase the competitiveness of local students such as AI, etc..

In addition, KT also actively enforces customized positives of AI personnel necessary for ‘Digico’ (Digico) business promotion. Following the establishment of the Graduate School of AI and the Master of AI in March of this year, it is a plan to establish a master’s course for the MS and the Master’s course for the training of the AI ​​fusion talent.

Selected talents are not only in theory education, as well as the theoretical education of natural language treatment, voice recognition, and deeperation, as well as KT’s large-scale AI projects, and will work as KT researchers after graduation.

Shin Hyun-ok KT management support said, “2022 will be aware of the talented talent that will be the power of growth as an important year for the leap to a digital platform company to KT.”