When a refund of a paid item purchased by the termination of the service, the refund of the subscription, the period of time, it is often returned to a non-cash game money. For this, the user has been a bill that allows the user to receive a refund.

In addition to the amount of liquid, the Democratic Party shall carry out the amendment of the game law related to the game refund. Currently, game content sales are being done according to electronic commerce method, law on regulation of regulation, and content industry promotion law. However, unlike other contents such as movies, records, books, books, books, and books, the right to be able to exercise on content purchased by consumers, and the effects of content that the game already sold, and performance, etc., It is the opinion of the Flower of Flower.

In addition, many game companies are operating to create a transaction across multiple stages until they acquire the final content by selling gaming and items, including cash, gift certificates, and to purchase other items with a primary sold game. Therefore, in order to ensure game user rights, it is necessary to require separate regulations.

How To Refund On Steam With Proof Easiest method

The amendment of the game law in this time is related to the refund, and it is largely divided into two. First, detailed information about paid content should be mandatory to the user. Highland obligations include content that can be combined and exchange paid items in the game as well as the paid content to be sold. The contents to be informed are prices, content, provide methods, providing periods, exchange, returns, withdrawal, and refunds.

The second is about the cash refund. If the game is responsible or in the case of a game, the provision of paid content is discontinued, or unlike the contents of the game, unlike the notice of the contents, you must notify the user without delay, and prepare a refund and compensation. Especially, if you want to refund a paid item that is not used by the user, the game company shall be held if there is no reason for the reason. It does not see why it is possible to refuse the cash refund without compensation for game goods, items that are compensated as user compensation.

In addition, the provisions of the Consumer Damage Dispute Constructor, which are designated by the Minister of Culture Sports Tourism, are also established that they can apply for damage to the user. “We expect the right to be able to protect the right right of the game users through the amendment of the Game Industry Act,” the game of the game industry is expected to be able to protect the right of the game users more thickly. “In the future, I will take the lead. “