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BVB boss Watzke unpacks over Haaland, Hummels, Adeyemi and Co.

At Borussia Dortmund there are some changes in summer. BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke has now commented on the hottest topics related to the black and yellow and commented on Haaland, Mats Hummels and Co.

For Borussia Dortmund, the remaining three season games are no longer very important. Consequently, BVB can already take care of personnel planning for the coming season.

Erling Haaland is likely to leave the club. “At the end of the day is the truth that we gave him an exit clause-otherwise he would have gone to Manchester United. He has to make a decision, she will come at some point,” reveals Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke on Friday at “19:09 – The black and yellow talk “, which was organized by the” Ruhr Nachrichten “.

Even with a change of the 21-year-old, things would go on, assured the BVB boss. “If Borussia Dortmund can do one, it is to find the next 1. One team is always more than a player,” said Watzke.

Watzke: BVB without pressure at ADEYEMI

Karim Adeyemi from RB Salzburg is considered a hot candidate for the Dortmund offensive. “If he came, we would try to get it without a rising clause. But I will not submit a water level message,” said Watzke about the stand at the national player: “We are not under pressure. I think the player has more or less the feeling conveys that he wants to go to BVB. We have to do that somehow. “

Leader-Probleme und Haaland-Abgang? BVB-Boss Watzke spricht Klartext | Die Lage der Liga
Nico Schlotterbeck is also intensively associated with the Borussia these days. “He has come up comfortably in the past few months, has a good appearance and, above all, self -confidence,” said Watzke asked about the central defender of SC Freiburg and added: “It is no secret.”

Niklas Süle, on the other hand, has already agreed to BVB and comes from FC Bayern free of charge in summer. “He said relatively early that he wants to go to BVB. A title with Borussia Dortmund would have a completely different status,” the 62-year-old looked at the defender. Süle is “a down -to -earth boy and a great guy”.

Watzke leaves BVB future of Reus and Hummels open

In addition, Watzke commented on the BVBing future of Marco Reus and Mats Hummels. The BVB duo is still under contract with the Westphalia until 2023.

“If a player is clearly beyond the 30, you have to see how long he is still able to bring top services. We are waiting for it, you cannot forecast it. In the next season we will have the conversations and Take a look at our eyes, “said Dortmund’s functional about the perspective of the two veterans.

For Watzke it is clear: “Both players have high merits. The trust is 100 % there.”

Elon Musk could charge you for publishing tweets

A few days ago there was a historical event, because the billionaire _ Elon Musk _ announced that he would be buying to the social network of _ Twitter _ , aiming to implement a better freedom of expression towards users. This leads to the entrepreneur is already generating some somewhat controversial ideas, because he could start charging for inserting tweets on websites.

What Elon Musk's $44 billion purchase of Twitter may mean for the company and free speech
According to what a medium known as _ Reuters _ , _ Musk _ , I would be charging by inserting or citing verified accounts tweets, an idea that you may not like large companies and even influencers will not be charged. But apparently this is not new, since the idea was already cooking from his plans to do with the company for about 44 billion dollars.

_ Elon Musk _ For a long time he has been thinking about how to make _ twitter _ a profitable company, and now that it belongs to him it is possible that we see changes as soon as he receives the baton. The millionaire has always seen how to get money from anywhere, and the investment he made with the Blue Social Network is not an expense made in vain.

Despite all questionable comments, one of the co -founders of the project says it was the best for the company, indicating to _ Musk _ as the solution in which he trusted. On the part of it, the tycoon wants to reduce the price of _ Twitter Blue _ , a subscription service that gets rid of advertising, as well as users not followed and that must be in the TL.

Editor’s note : Elon Musk is now more present than ever in the media thanks to this purchase, some think that everything will go to ruin and others feel great enthusiasm to know the changes. For now, we just have to wait to see what is the opinion of the now new owner of the company.

Way: Reuters

Rocket League will again host Formula 1 for the coming season

Rocket League 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass Trailer
Psyonix confirmed the arrival of the Fan Pass Formula 1 2022 in Rocket League for May 4, before the very publicized Grand Prix of Miami. This DLC will notably give access to a new vehicle and personalization options.

The new owners of Formula 1 want to make their investment grow and seek to give another dimension to competition. Among the many partnerships implemented so far, that with Rocket League and Psyonix will continue in the coming year. The FAN PASS Formula 1 2022, available on May 4, will cost 1100 credits and will offer a new formula 1, five stickers in the colors of Alfa Romeo 2022, Alpaderi 2022, Ferrari 2022, McLaren 2022 and Red Bull 2022, as well as Pirelli wheels.

Additional content should be added this summer, in connection with the various Grands Prix, and new stickers should allow you to put on the colors of other teams (Alpine 2022, Aston Martin 2022, Haas 2022, Mercedes 2022 and Williams 2022). In the fall, new tire colors will be added.

Where to find Scorn in Destiny 2

Best Location To Farm Scorn Kills And Kill Powerful Scorn - Destiny 2 Beyond Light Scorn Guide
Destiny 2 various missions, quests and bonuses always send you in search of different types of enemies. Sometimes you will be sent after contempt. It is not always easy to remember where all these different types of enemies will appear, so in this guide, we will give you different locations for disdainful enemies.

The first place to check the contempt is in Tangled Shore. If you appear in Thieves Landing, there is always a chance that you catch a disdain, but if not, go to the lost sector of Kingship Dock. You can find Kingship Landing above and slightly left from the point of appearance of Thieve’s Landing on the map. Kingship dock is full of contempt and is an ideal place to kill easily.

In the City of Dreams, you can often find contempt fighting in front of the entrance to the blind well. If they did not appear there, head to the lost sector of the drowned wishes. You can find the entrance just behind where you appear in the Divalan mists.

This lost sector is a large area and will have dozens of contempt appearing at different points, so it’s an excellent place to kill. If you need to find a huge amount of contempt and you timer properly, you can find a public event with a four horns ravine that will have dozens of contempt appearing for about five minutes.

The invisible agent: first images of the Netflix blockbuster of 200 million dollars

Netflix hJuly presented the first images of the invisible agent (the gray man), the most expensive film of the platform to date by the brothers Russo (Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame) with a luxury cJulyt headed by names such July Ryan Gosling , Chris Evans , Ana de ArmJuly and Rege-Jean Page . Thus, we finally have the first eight captures of a thriller who promises action and first level performances and that will reach theaters on the July 15 and the day 22 of the same month to Netflix.

Invisible Agent Official Trailer #1 - Peter Lorre Movie (1942) HD

premiere in cinemJuly and netflix in July 2022

“The invisible agent is the agent of the CIA Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), aka Sierra six. Taken from a federal prison recruited by his supervisor, Donald Fitzroy. But now the shots have changed and six is the goal, persecuted throughout the world for Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a former CIA partner who will not stop at anything to end him. Agent Dani Miranda (Ana de ArmJuly) covers her back. She will need it, ”we can read in the official description of her of her.

In the absence of a first trailer that will not take long to arrive, the film is bJulyed on the novel by the Gray Man of Mark Greaney with a script by Joe Russo, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The producers are Joe Roth, Jeffery Kirschenbaum, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Mike Larocca and Chris CJulytaldi. Executive producers are Patrick Newall, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Jake Aust, Angela Russo-Footstot, Geoff Haley, Zack Roth and Palak Patel. They complete the Regé-Jean Page cJulyt, Billy Bob Thornton, Jessica Henwick, Dhanush, Wagner Moura and Alfre Woodard.

The invisible agent , the new thriller of Joe and Anthony Russo, arrives at the cinemJuly on July 15 and will be available in Netflix from July 22 .

Dying Light 2 will like the first game crossover

If you have still researched the original dying light in the years after its first publication, you will know that the game in the end added some cool crossover content with Rocket League and Rust. And for Dying Light 2, it looks like this is the plan, with Tymon Smektala, lead designer of the game, confirms to The PC Player 24 that the sequel will finally receive crossover content.

In an interview with The PC player 24, Smektala says that there will be “definitely” crossover content for the open-world zombie-RPG. Unfortunately, Smektala did not want to tell what exactly this crossover content would be and with whom the Polish developer may work together. However, he said that the teams who are responsible for this crossover content are “very advanced in their discussions”, which indicates that we could see some partnerships sooner than later.

Since the original Dying Light 2016 entered into a partnership with Rocket League, crossover content has taken a long way. After all, we now have Fortnite, which has a crossover almost every week, and next month a Call of Duty Warzone Godzilla event will take place in the Battle Royale.

New Game Plus Release Date And Information For Dying Light 2

For Dying Light 2, however, we only have to wait and see with whom Techland works and whether the crossover content is deeper than what could be seen in the original game.

Dying Light 2 has already announced this week that New Game Plus will come into play, but with several new features that were set in a press release last week, there could be further news on the horizon.

Wow: play 65 minutes completely error free – REXTROYS SOLO

AFK One Button Transmog Farming Guide | WoW Solo Farm 6,500 Gold Per Hour
When Raidbosse are defeated in WOW of individual players, then they are mostly heroes who farm in old raids, Pets or Transmog farms. But if bosses from the current RAID are inferior to a single player, then they are usually a Rextroy. Because the extremely innovative player shines not only regularly mit Kruden One-shot combinations in the PVP, but has already Such a few RAID bosses solo placed, while there are entire groups failed.

In the current case, he happed Dausegne in the mausoleum of the first and thus asked three problems:

  • Adds that spawn fast as he can kill her
  • A stackable tank debuff that is hard to heal
  • An Berserker timer who is narrower when he can ever do with his DPS

But he could solve all these problems gradually and so he could ultimately be successful in a 65-minute fight. But only because he played every single second perfect and made no mistake.

Rextroy defeated Dausegne – all alone

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External content more about this in our data protection declaration.

The adds were therefore no big problem relatively quickly. With enough movement speed, he could easily run away this. However, just under, why he had to walk over a large bow throughout the fight and no second was allowed to be inattentive. Especially because the barrier fire threatened to push him from the platform again and again.

Due to the wide bow, the tank debuff no longer presented a problem. This was easy. So the Berserk remained. In this, Dausegne got mana so fast that they had all their important skills in very fast episodes. So the fight was not impossible, but very, very difficult – so without a healer.

After a whole row of wipes and many hours exercise, Rextroy could finally hold up for an hour without errors and defeat Dausegne. Of course, the question arises which boss he is next. What do you think – which boss could create the resident Rextroy in the near future also solo?

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Hellblade 2 can hardly be distinguished from reality on a new screenshot

Light Blade 2 looks great on every single image that has been released so far. This also includes this new screenshot, which was released on the occasion of the Earth Day and actually showing only one beach. However, these are the famous, Icelandic Djúpalónssandur beach, as he looks like in Hellblade over 1,000 years ago. Although the impressive picture actually shows almost only landscape, but nothing works extremely realistic and very impressive.

Hellblade 2: New picture shows incredibly realistic Djúpalónsandur beach

That’s why it’s time: To celebrate the Earth Day, developer studio Ninja Theory has released a new picture of Light Blade 2. There is a rocky, stony beach landscape with a wooden scaffolding and a boat. The copyrights also reveal directly, what a place can be seen here: It is the Djúpalónsandur beach in Iceland (here’s the Wikipedia entry), but at the time when lightblade 2 plays, so before over 1,000 years.

But best you can see the picture yourself. You should definitely guess the full size, the screenshot is extremely wide and offers a huge panoramic view:

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Incredibly detailed graphic: How well that looks like this is actually shown, becomes particularly clear when we look at actual photos of the real beach. Of course, a lot has happened in all the years and the wooden buildings are missing completely, but the look is unmistakable. Especially how close the video game graphic approaches the real look, just impressive. So the beach looks now (or a few years ago) for those who visit him:

See this post on Instagram

A contribution divided by ????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (@GrayLineIceland)

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Senua's Saga: Hellblade II - Gameplay reveal

Link to Twitter content

Completely with fossilized ‘trolls’:

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If you want to watch the area in motion again, let’s give you the first gameplay trailer to Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 to the heart. You can see you here in all its superb and it is likely to be exactly the same beach:

More about Light Blade 2:

  • Light Blade 2 relies on graphic power of the Unreal Engine 5, says Microsoft
  • Hellblade 2 plays in Iceland – Developers present setting more accurately
  • Light Blade 2: What does the brutal giant have to do with Senua’s past?

The only problem with the whole thing: until Senua’s saga: lightblade 2 finally appears for Xbox Series S / X, it should still take a felt eternity. The game does not have an official release date yet. But if it only looks like this looks like in the picture and is similarly good as the predecessor, we will love the waiting time loving.

How do you find the beach picture? Could you realize that this is not real?

Emmanuel Macron fan the lteam vitals vitals?

Shortly before the announcement of the results of the second round, Emmanuel Macron was taken in photo yesterday to the Touquet sporting a sweater of the VITALITY team. A detail that has not gone unnoticed.

Macron Fan of VITALITY?

Yesterday took place the second round of the presidential election and everyone was invited to go to the ballot boxes to vote between Marine Le Pen or for Emmanuel Macron. And these are the candidates themselves who were filmed during their vote in their respective fiefs: Henin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais) for Marine Le Pen, The Touquet (Pas-de-Calais) for Emmanuel Macron. On this occasion, the outgoing president was photographed several times with his wife. Nothing abnormal until then, if not a little detail pointed out by the fans of Esport: he wears a vitality team_hoodie:

In this regard, it is good to remember that the vitality team is an Esport team founded in 2013. Since then, it has participated in the major competitions related to online video games (also named Esport competitions). In particular, it has a world champion title on Rainbow Six (2016) Etrocket League (2019) .

Emmanuel Macron: its recent ads concerning Esport

So, coup d’appenter or involuntary staging? If it is impossible to answer this question, the recent initiatives of Emmanuel Macron can interrogate. Despite his young age for a President of the Republic (elected to 39 years in 2017), he can not mobilize an even younger audience than him: In the first round of the presidential elections, their abstention rate had exceeded 40%.

But this is not the first time Emmanuel Macron stands out for his “initiatives” related to Esport. In an interview with ” The Big Whale ”, the media specialized in the universe of the Blockchain, the president-candidate explains that he wants to take advantage of the Paris Olympic Games in 2024 for ** “faire the link between the Olympiades Both worlds welcoming this year the greatest global esportif events as a major of CS: GO or the League of Legends World Championships. In this regard, he considers the esport as a “Ost field of French excellence with teams like Team Vitality or Karmine Corp“.

Finally, we will not know either if such an initiative was able to play in the balance and could bring him some additional voices: yesterday, he won the second round of the presidential election against Marine Le Pen with 58.5% voices and was therefore re-elected President of the Republic. What to see if his commitments to Esport will be kept.


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The Story Behind French President-elect Emmanuel Macron And Brigitte Trogneux's 10 Year Marriage
The relationship between Macron and JV ?? Surely money!

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Verstappen and Red Bull miss a hook


Gazzetta dello Sport: “Black weekend for Ferrari. Leclerc, the World Cup wins by avoiding certain mistakes! The Monegasse hunts second place, takes too much and fails in front of the fans’ eyes. Hamilton must Heavy humiliation accepting, he is no longer recognizable. “

Corriere dello Sport: “Heavy disappointment for Ferrari. The weekend in Imola could not have been worse. Error, bad luck and negative circumstances ago 100,000 disappointed fans. Imola once more testifies that at this World Cup also the smallest details count. “

TuttoSport: “Bitter weekend for Ferrari. Too much does not work: the start, the second pilot, the pit stops. Blam’s team boss binotto, who had hoped for better performance in front of the Tifosi. Now it is said to restart to work.”

#Max #Verstappen vs #Lewis #Hamilton |#RedBull #Racing Vs #Mercedes #AMG #F1 #Tiktok

Corriere della sera: “Imola becomes a terrible week for Leclerc. A terrible week started with the robbery of his luxury watch in Viareggio goes to an end with a bankruptcy. Leclerc takes too much before and fails. Stages Ferraris home route crowned to Emperor Imolas. “

Repubblica: “Sunday Bloody Sunday. The Ferrari team is injured out of the home race in Imola, where Red Bull dominates with a double victory. Leclerc, who is responsible for a heavy mistake breaks together.”

Netherlands “Leclercs mistakes bring stages in the title fight. The Dutch was in Imola a class for themselves, a weekend full of victories. It was a gigantic blow against his biggest competitor.”

DE TELEGRAAF: “Stages and Red Bull Miss Ferrari a right hook. The Dutch drives a perfect race, and the dramatic afternoon of Scuderia ensures an extra boost.”


Guardian: “If willing force would satisfy, then the Tifosi Charles Leclerc in Imola had been worn for victory. But they were powerless against the unstoppable strength of Max and Red Bull. Instead, the roar of the fans fell silent as Leclerc a huge Errors committed his leadership in the World Cup classification and revived the title fight. “

Telegraph: “For example, Ferrari had not introduced the home game. Imola brought some warning signals. The late rider was a worrying indication that Charles Leclerc may still be patient, or that he is prone to pressure.”

Daily Mail: “For aging athlete there is a risk that the time is progressing and her forces suddenly disappear. That does not yet apply to Lewis Hamilton, even after the scary idea of a career in which he has grabbed the stars, after a helpless 13th place. His resilience, his fighting spirit and the need to punish his critics lying, could still bear him to new heights. Nevertheless, it is now difficult to believe that the Brit is ever the eighth World Cup title can retract. “


L’Equipe: “The Grand Prix in Imola comes Ferrari expensive to stand. Charles Leclerc commits his first mistake of the season, Carlos Sainz does not even create a round. The party of Scuderia is ruined, the mood is no longer festive “


Marca: “Walk for stages and Perez, Gutendrama for Leclerc. A debacle on a black day for Ferrari. The Tifosi silent. Lewis Hamilton showed himself unmotivated and as he has never seen him. The image and prestige Hamilton’s have suffered great scratches. The overrun through stages will bring nightmares. “

AS: “Lowering the Ferraris. Worse, it’s not going. Stapen is in the World Cup mode. Leclerc’s luck led to the turner.”

Sports: “Demonstration by stages, Leclerc and Ferrari go sang and taillessly under the theoretical superiority of the F1-75 was hardly something to see this time. Heavy, unforable driving error of Leclerc. Lewis Hamilton seems to be resigned have the overruning through stages is one of the blackest moments of his career. “

El Mundo Deportivo: “Max bites vigorously, Red Bull reacts in the world champion style. With Ferrari everything went wrong, and Lewis Hamilton goes in the sinking.”

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