Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is one of the biggest hits of the series, and although it has been played by millions in the ten years since its publication, just a never before Easter egg was discovered with a fairly recognizable LiveStreamer.

The popular call-of-duty personality “Modern Warzone”, which has played the campaigns of all old COD games in recent weeks, streamed his Playthrough from MW3, when something – or rather said someone – fell into the eye. In the Mission Scorched Earth you make your way through a bookstore, and the shelves are books with different names on the envelopes. These names relate to some of the developers who worked at the game, such as MW3s Associate Producer James Lodato or Senior Audio Director David Swenson. While this is an interesting little Easter egg, ModernWarzone soon actually finds a very recognizable name: Guy beautifully, or as you probably know it nowadays, “Dr Disrespect”.

This is not just a fun reference that is ten years later, but his famous logo resembles his on-stream cartoon is also on the cover of the book, although the brand Dr Disrespect still before all the years In the infancy.

While the former work of Dr. Disrespect is known and documented as Level Designer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, he was also active at Activision at the time of publication of Modern Warfare 3 and is mentioned in the credits of the game.

Although it was released over ten years ago in 2011, there are no records that this Easter egg has ever been found or mentioned before.

12 year old discovered @drdisrespect easter egg in modern warfare 3, which I can not find anywhere on the internet.

  • Modernwarzone (@Modernarzone) 1. April 2022

It is not unusual that players discover Easter Eggs in games long after they were released, but for a widespread game like Modern Warfare 3, it is unusual that in just over a decade nobody discovered a name and logo with a high recognition value Has. Maybe The DOC will push his own Easter eggs in the first game of the new studio, which he has co-founded, Midnight Society, from which we now know that it carries the Codename Project Moon.