It is almost exactly a year, because the SC Prussia received the second team of Borussia Dortmund on Hammer Straße and experienced a afternoon, which held the weather technically from sunshine to strong snowfall a lot. Now, early April 2022, the prussia stadium and especially the lawn is wrapped in white. A reputable decision, whether tomorrow’s home game can take place, can be taken in the face of this morning, when the square was appraised reasonably. In any case, the team has been normal on Friday – unless possible on the inclined training platform – prepared for the home game against Bonn SC.

Away in 2022 without point loss

With the Bonnern travels the (away) team of the hour to Münster. All four away games this year won the Rheinlöwen, which provided inter alia against the top teams Fortuna Cologne (2: 1) and the Wuppertal SV (3: 0) for a surprise. There was a 3-0 success in the VFB Homberg and a 2: 1 away win in Dusseldorf. Overall, the BSC has brought a proud 23 of its 34 points on foreign places. “We expect a real opponent. If Bonn had dotted from the beginning as they do it in the second half, then they had nothing to do with the descent, “says coach Sascha Hildmann. Thanks to its strong series, the Bonner can push over the stroke, but are not free from their worries. “You will ask us everything,” says the coach. An important factor for the upswing is BSC coach Markus from Ahlen, which took over the post on the sideline at the beginning of the year. In addition, the Rheinlöwen committed an experienced storm routine in winter with Albert Bunjaku.

Go-threatening man is Serhat Güler, who achieved twelve goals and prepared four more. “Bonn is one of the most efficient teams in terms of opportunity. For us, our defensive work will therefore be elementary. We have to work with everyone against the ball. We always get our chances for our chances, “emphasizes the football teacher. Meanwhile, Sascha Hildmann must make a change in the internal defense, because Robin Brick is missing – as well as Nils Teixeira on the part of the BSC – locked. His place is expected to take Simon Shard, who had to fit after a crack wound at the leg last against Homberg. “Otherwise it looks really good. Dennis Daube, Lukas Frenkert and Manfred Kwadwo are still missing. Manni has again completed first parts of the team training. In addition, we want to be careful at Gerrit Wegkamp, he was out for 13 days. Even Thores Deters is not again at 100 percent. Both will be in the squad. “

Alternatives are there

The alternatives are available for tomorrow’s game and the Prussian coach has the opportunity to draw from a full squad. “For a coach, that’s great. We now want to find the right formation for the game against Bonn and see who best suits the opponent. “And one stressed the coach again before the game:” From the outside you realize that the tension rises. That’s nice to see. But there is a lot of mandatory ones spoken. A duty also means a matter of course. But every victory is special, I told the guys too. We have to work hard in every game. For everything else, I have much too much respect for each opponent. That’s why I will never talk about mandatory lies, that’s not my kind. “Hard work will also use it against the Rheinlöwen to stop the series of the BSC. At the same time, it is the prelude to a fully packed April, which can show where the path leads. “I always said it will be decided in April, May. Here we go. It’s crunchtime. “

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