Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke von Borussia Dortmund feels responsibility with regard to the first sold out stadium on Saturday against RB Leipzig (18.30 clock). “You realize that people still feel like Borussia Dortmund, I am very happy about it. Even if it will take to return to automatisms,” he said the newspapers of the funde media group.

For the first time for 763 days, 81,365 spectators are expected to the top game. “We all have suffered a lot in this society in the past two years,” Watzke said, “In these 24 months, it was very difficult between club and fans to keep the contact in this close form.” Already alone, the Saturday “a special day for us”, the thought of it solves with him “now go goose bumps”.

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The more than 120 million euros losses are not so important to him “at that moment,” Tatzke said, “Nevertheless, our business model is now back to wear. That helps us much further.” The economic relief back through the “emotional thrust” in the background.