In the first time since the beginning of the pandemic sold out signal Iduna Park see over 81,000 spectators a debacle of Borussia Dortmund against RB Leipzig. Far before final whistle many flee from the stadium. The disillusionment with the BVB trailers is great – and Erling Haaland punishes you with love of love.

The return of the fans gets a debacle at Borussia Dortmund. On a day at which more than 5000 were pivotingly pulled through the city, to achieve the stadium to show the team’s true, loud face of the association, the yellow wall, they became on the players once again powerfully disappointed.

The 1: 4 (0: 2) of the BVB against RB Leipzig was a hopeless gray in which the guests were left for mistakes in the Dortmund game construction and then used this freezing cold.

The home team, by a chaos-choreo and a gigantic “welcome back in the Westfalenstadion” banner from the fans, had to oppose the little bit and came only the initial phase to some, few chances, then disappeared and with her the players who are not Once again for the gallery wanted to play, rather earned around the game trapping.

The BVB is not even enough for YouTube

They lacked everything, even if Mats Hummels wanted to see another game afterwards. “Leipzig has not gone with nothing 2: 0. I know that people are on Twitter, but that’s a realistic assessment,” he said at “Sky” after he did not know if he had not known Take word “chicken pile” in the mouth or not.

He could have confidently done it, because even that was even more than flattered overlooking the emre Can as a right-back Emre Can. With a ball loss against the double door scorer Konrad Laimer, the national player led the downfall and tore the complete team in the abyss. Weirdlos gave themselves and disappointed the viewers, who gave all trouble, but had also struggling.

A look at the last few minutes of the game is enough. The game has long been decided when the young US international Gio Reyna enters the place. He was still running in the game of the US against Mexico with a wild solo once across the field. One for the gallery. The last pass did not arrive.

But when he came to the field late at hopelessly 1: 4, he stood quietly and was paralyzed as the rest of the bloodless team, which were deflected by a pile of defeat unfitly defiant. “Borussia Dortmund, you’re my drug,” they called and you do not want to know what bad trip they came after this humiliation against the system rivals.

Weak bvb randomly instructed

Currently, they did not leave 81,365 spectators, large gaps in the grandstands were to see the stadium around the 80th minute.

For a long time the game splashed only in front of him. No breaking was to recognize, no desire to pay the fans at least one goal. Among the eternal songs of the hard core had long been mixed with the game trappings.

When the BVB came to chances, like Donyell painting in the 84th minute, the matter was due to chance. That’s how it actually fell even a goal. It resulted from one of these randoms.

Painting had come to the ball after a corner and made a shortest distance on the long post. Some spectators cheered, the game made the game more bearable on the paper. For a few seconds. Because then gaps in the Dortmund defense gaps that even the Ever Given allowed the passage. The Spaniard Dani Olmo is even more agile and put the ball wonderfully under the lath. 1: 4.

With derogatory gestures now also disappeared the last remaining fans. They rather bother at the outputs and cursing and scolded over this team, which has not promised much for a long time and from which they do not expect anything at all.

whistle and destructed “Jew” calls of BVB fans

The Signal Iduna Park - Five Things to Know
Only the south remained until the end. With a sea made of scarves and flags and wistful memorial sights to the good old days and the collected repertoire of stealth severes. They, make sure they are always borus.

From which there is no one expected down on the grass. In the midst of the Schmach, however, the grandstand showed the size and sense. Jew Bellingham was no more than a rumor when the last time over 80,000 were walked through the gates of the old stadium on the B1 on February 29, 2020. But 763 days later he had played himself in the hearts of the followers. As the last of the beaten players he trotted towards the yellow wall. The, as he, he did not know how to deal with this humiliation. For too long they had been waiting for the return.

Whiffs mixed under the songs as the team built in a safe distance from the stands. Then Bellingham, who had been a player on television for most so far.

Now that he could present himself, it had not been his day. Once he had all the right to the outside line, the ball against one of his predecessors, Kevin Kampl, not only claim, no, rather may be decisive. But Erling Haaland had been able to put the ball at the other end of the attack only next to the box. So it was the gratitude for the passion that the English had undertaken the club, which led to the first tentative, soon tender “Jew” calls.

Without force, like everything that day, but with a mutual understanding that completely left Haaland behind Bellingham. The Norwegian, the crowd pleaser in pandemeal times, stood behind the Englishman and sneaked. His time in Dortmund has expired. Deeply disappointing in a club who still suspenses the words Jürgen Klopps.

Liebenzug for Erling Haaland

He had spoken of his farewell 2015 from the last impression. That it does not go about how to get on his arrival, but exclusively about how to see at his farewell. The goalless Norwegian since January 22, 2022, it has succeeded in a stunning way to completely eliminate its history in the hearts of Dortmund fans. You do not want to see him who has long since withdrawn the club.

He is the enemy in its own stadium – a representative of ultramodern football. At this Borussia Dortmund has participated as a supplier association for long years and therefore the Norwegian had only come to Westfalen.

He wanted to recharge emotionally in the old stadium, then the big leap. He has long since made this jump, exists only as a black yellow shell.

On Saturday he could still lead the BVB to the lead. But his shot after a Patzer of Mohamed Simakan went past the long post in the 13th minute. More was not visible from the Norwegian. He is a symbol for the completely missed policy of Borussia.

Fan relationship with BVB “Like a marriage”

The associated with history, which is charged by the fans, club is used by players of Kaliber Haaland for years for exactly these projects. Each time a more cunning club remains with a pile of overpriced supplementary player, which, as on this Saturday, has rarely to oppose the opponent in top matches.

Sensitive bankruptcy patches the way of the team this season. Against Leverkusen, against FC Bayern, against Ajax Amsterdam and now against RB Leipzig.

“That’s typical,” one scolded under the grandstand: “Whenever I expect from the club emotionally, he lets me hang me. But it’s like a marriage, you do not drop your wife just because it’s bad goes.” But sometime everything ends.

In the current Constitution, Borussia Dortmund is no more than a trader, where the Ulters stars of the World Footballers charge, then disappear. You regularly send the viewers to Miese Trips.

The BVB has not been a good drug for a long time.

Stephan Uersfeld

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